Sunday, December 14, 2008 - Notorious Video Diary Pt 10 & 11

I cant wait for this movie to drop even though i know how it ends. Its like when Breaking or Krush Groove came out and you were alive and part of what was being documented on film. Everyone has to respect how dope bigge was, except for a few hating 2pac stans. I always feel like i have been lucky and have been in allot of places at the right time, just for my own personal history, an example is getting to meet Biggie through my friend Yvette(Rainbow) at the Arena at a Jessica party, i remember John Forte opened up (it seemed like he was opening up all whack as he was) only song biggie had was party and bullshit. The party of it self was dope, Wu was in the building, I remember seeing Ol Dirty Bastard in there that night (more on that later,...I remember he was always trying to battle Busta, i witnessed two of those battles classics before SMACK or FIGHT CLUB.)

anyway back to my biggie moment he was on stage the whole BadBoy was in there shout out to SLIM PICKENS. Puffy was on stage everyone wilding, and at the part that biggie says "and a fucking fight broke out" someone in the club starts shooting, it was surreal.....these were the days of the MUSE and the REDZONE so you expected at least one fight and a few women getting it in before the show after the shooting they kept performing....I love NY....

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