Saturday, December 6, 2008 Wrap up...True School

the veracious appetite of bloggery ( that sounds like some sort crime). I have enjoyed supplying you with Gud things cause you are good people. THe will be some upgrades soon and some guest bloggers, in the future. Its saturday in NY, im in the middle of cleaning the crib and watching Tropic Thunder and cooking you your daily digital meal. Shout out to J.Period, thanks for teaching me about the contrast ratios and the L.E.D/L.C.D technology of on your new flat screen. (It was all the better to go on my running rampage, it helped me be a slayer) . Today i will be perpetually updating the page so stay tuned.

(the best bits in the game)

Foxy Brown Oh Yeah

Yeah this reminds me of the
Walk-a-Thon, Club2000, Bentley's

I remember going to his house to work on some music and after we chopped the beat up. He pulls out his "little black book" but it actually was composition book full of phone numbers. I was like whoa, that was a lesson learned.

Lord Finesse - This is strictly for the ladies

I recently hung out with Dinco D, so naturally i had to rep for the New school society.

Leaders of the New School - Whats Next

L.O.N.S - Sobb Story

and of course

P.T.A -


Rumpletilskinz - Attitudes

Rumpletilskinz - It all right

(LOL niggas was skinny)

ill be back......

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