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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Digging in the crates, diggin out the snow

The snowstorm that blanketed the East Coast this weekend was so big, it is even impressive from space. NASA’s Aqua satellite took this image centered on Washington, D.C., on Sunday with its MODIS instrument.

The blizzard shut down the federal government, stranded travelers, left hundreds of thousands without power and crushed the hopes of many retailers hoping for big sales during the weekend before Christmas.

The image covers 300 miles lengthwise. The two big rivers near the center are the Susquehanna (to the north) and Potomac rivers, which run into Chesapeake Bay. Washington, D.C., sits alongside the Potomac, just north of the river’s hook-shaped curve. The inlet to the north is Delaware Bay.

Here is footage inside of A1 the D.I.T.C (diggin in the crates) not the group)) spot.

The Belly of the Beat from Gasface on Vimeo.

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Yes another holiday is upon us...enjoy your holiday parties...don't get drunk and tell you boss off

2009 must equate to death or the Scorpio in in retrograde...whatever that means...

Its not often these days that i am impressed by the videos that are attached to song these days. I say that to say I LOVE THIS RI_RI - SO HARD video...I am totally impressed with he quality of photography and the juxtaposition of such a lovely young lady and gritty atmosphere. The Pink Tank/Minne Mouse helmet is Killer


RI_RI feat JEEZY ...So Hard

R.I.P Chris Henry...2009 is taking no prisoners....Enjoy and be safe!

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Happy Holidays folks


Styles P

Legal Money

Its hard to keep up with the kids , but check this one out

J Cole - Lights Please

J Cole - Lights Please from Ibe on Vimeo.

Tyler Woods ft Sheek Looch & Fred the Godson

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Money Mayweather talking about the fight. "Hes been Knocked out before"

The hillbillies are on it! LOL

I once found a 357 long like that,....

RRR = Real Recognizing real

AZIE .....Harlem StandUp

We See You Jockin Azie !!! (Snowman Talk Part.2) from Gasface on Vimeo.

This was always one of my favorite songs...

MobStyle...Whats going on....

Keping it hood....


A Gansta Sunday...The Rayful Edmond story

"Why we Bang" Blood and Crip Doc

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Yo what up people? Some Gud music that i caught while i was surfing. I will start off representing for the hood



MOBZDALE - HAPPY TO BE HERE feat L-Nino (when he says he died three times he telling the truth)

Shout out to WORDSPIT check him out in the Dollar Van Demo, if you dont know it is what it is. Get in a van you never know what you may get. To all you up an coming artist this is the craziest but dope way to shoot a video.

So check out

Hello Good Morning - WORDSPIT

Lets take it to the Southside


GLC "To A Gangster" from Noah Banks on Vimeo.

Got this from DigiWaxx

Female Cipher hosted by MC LYTE

G-Dep Diaries

50 Cent Album release Beans hits the stage..

vicked from Ms.Drama

50 Cent - Do you think about me

Mos Def - Supermagic

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Rocking on the radio

Yes Yes yall to the beat yall party having people just like having a ball hey hey....Biz Markie


GUDMUSIC : Some new emeinem butters

Elevator - Eminem

Buffalo Bill - Eminem

YOu know real recognizes real

THE REAL AZIE from MOBSTYLE..(paid in Full)

Snowman Talk from Gasface on Vimeo.

Beanie Siegel speakes his mind

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Another day Another Dolla

What up family? I hope all is well. Please check out the new Radio show form me and my crew

"Beats Rhymes and Life" On 99.3
Thurs 10pm - 12am

If you are a new artist and want some expsoure here is your chance. Holla @ Me.


by NAS and Michael Rappaport

vicked from

I liked this performance.

Alicia Keys feat Jay-Z empire state of mind II & I

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

New Freeway ish...Gud Music

provided by the morning after angela yee obviously...

love is a battlefield - Freeway

Here is the link (click here)

This is someones gift this christmas

Will.I.Am.....Creates a Dj Award show

i just hope these dj's wont be included...

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Been hustling , trying to make my moves. I havent had time to give you a piece of my mind. Tiger woods crashed his cars and they are treating it like Ted Kenndys crash. Initial reports say Tiger has facial lacerations, it got me to think that maybey he hit his face on the steering wheel, but his lips, he looked in the mirror and fainted cause he thought he saw a nigga in his back seat! POW another year and lots of foolishness, and the reaper wasnt playing this year. I hope everyone got to eat celebrate and be merry over the holidays. Just rememebr not everyone is as lucky as you to have electricity and a computer to surf the net to read random thoughts of this New Yorker. Big shout to my brother DALLASPENN he is always a great inspiration when it has come to blogging for me, Big shout to CombatJack if you havent had a chance to check his work out you should, he is on point. Starting a radio show in the essense of Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong, check it out on Thursdays 99.3fm! If you are an artist and need some promo you should check out "BEats, Rhymes, Life Radio show on Thursdays 10pm to 12pm.

This is the ISH right now


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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Digital revolution

Sometimes theres no real concept of time its just light and dark. Please take some time and read this iteresting blog by Combat Jack

noodoole i had the sauce - Beans

Never saw this SNL/jigga man

Toto - Africa

Some real throwback ish!!!


Magic Wand

Super Lover Cee and Cassanove Rud

Girls i got em locked...#DEFENDQUEENS...ASTORIA

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Where everybody knows your name.

Been breathing fresher air, thinking better thoughts, enjoying the little things in life. Been falling back to get ahead. Three years and the episode of Larry David that just aired KKKramer is back at it again what a fail. Another fail nagging my goat is that florida rapper ex correction officer(no shots) drugkingpin? Big Bawse Ross. I know there is nothing worse than a baby mothers scorn but in the words of Ed Lover "Come on Son!!"

and the ever so famous "ED Lover dance"


Video Phone - beyonce feat Lady Gaga

Here is something you cant understand!!!


Velvet Underground

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Tickertape Parade Yanks!!!

Canyon of Heroes here i come. Enjoy your friday.



50Cent Stretch

BT&H freestyle

Thursday, November 5, 2009


A-YO....The Yankees win the Yankees win!!!

Dame Dashs viewpoint....


Saigon - Blood Night


50 Cent and Beans....(50 on his Walter Cronkite) I wondered if they planned to were Philly and NY bad both those teams suck...but the colors nice...


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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Black Solidarity Day

Today is a day to celebrate Black Unity and strength. I'm blessed to have older black people to give me perspective on race relations in the 60's and 70's. You know the Black people that don't forget, and southern blacks who have dealt with racism enough to never ever forget or get comfortable (with good reason) with "White Folk". I guess i have been lucky enough to not harbor the same sort of resentments even though i have dealt with sever racism living in Glen Oaks queens and Rosedale Queens in the early 70's and 80's...and who could forget Yusef Hawkins and (FUCK YOU) Joey Fama. But i am no worse for the wear, i have friends of other races white Jewish European whatever I STILL LOVE MY BLACK PEOPLE. I hope you enjoy your day if you took off from work, and if not take a second to remember the people who struggle so you could live so freely.

Black Solidarity Day: What does it mean?

By Ben Serrano

In terms of the world of prejudice and racism, much has happened in the last 40 years. The development of minorities in the education system and political process has improved greatly, and we have gone from a time when it was hard for blacks to put a vote in the ballot box to a time when a black man can be in the White House. Some might think that the effect the black population has on the community is only spontaneous, with great leaders and thinkers appearing from decade to decade. However, the impact blacks have can be seen every day. This is what Black Solidarity Day was created to express.
Black Solidarity Day was created in 1969 as a day nationally observed by African-American men, women and students. It always occurs the Monday before elections take place; this year it falls on Nov. 2. Originally, the event brought black people together to discuss their political status and the direction in which their future was going. The day also focused on the value and goals of education within the black community. It was, and still is, a day of discussion and a time for everyone, no matter of what race or education, to discuss how we all affect each other’s lives.
Discussion is important to Black Solidarity Day, as well as the concept of it as a day of absence, during which black people do not attend school or work and try to avoid making purchases and spending money throughout the day. These actions only further demonstrate the impact the black community has on the workplace and its stimulation of the nation’s economy.
So what does the black community add to the classroom and the workplace? Mainly, perspective. No matter what social class, city or personality someone comes from in the black community, their perspective always can add to a classroom discussion, university policies and faculty meetings. Other people don’t have to feel obligated to understand the pressures and experiences that are shared, but at least they will know. Knowledge is the first step to understanding.

Drake Ft. Jay-Z Live at ACC [Toronto] from Ro'Shine on Vimeo.

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Its has been a while since i have gone non stop for days without sleep, grinding its amazing how your body adjusts, i still feeling woozy and im still seeing doubles (makes the ride on the belt intersting) but if i can get some rest after dexter i will be half way caught up.

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. R.I.P Roc Raida.... The memorial

The memorial!!!!

vicked from Lord Sear

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. R.I.P Roc Raida.... rebirth of FRESH

Its CMJ time in NY...Time for new music and for artist to see where they stand against a NY crowd. I hear O.J didn't fare so well Aye Aye Aye Aye.....

Tonight is the Roc Raida tribute, it still seems weird that he has passed on R.I.P homie. Tonight should be a good night sorta like a family reunion, I'm excited to see old friends. Been taking my time jumping back in to the vicious ocean of Bloggery, once again i swim with the sharks. I hit up the Phorahoe (Mr.Getthefuckup) Monch show this weekend, it was good to be at a real hip hop show, it was way too hot, crowded and the artist was on his game. Big shout to Boogie Blind holding it down on the 1 and 2's for Phorahoe, it was good to put one in the air and kick it homie!! I hadnt seen in a month of Sundays #DefendQueens. Congrats to my man Young Ron on getting engaged, we held it down before the show jumped off. Big shout to Traum Diggs he is a new artist that opend the show that night...besides going at J.Ortiz for no apparent reason, it was refreshing to see a real new hiphop artist in the planet of Brooklyn holding it down good luck!

Phorahoe Monch Live @ Sputnik

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. R.I.P Roc Raida.... Can i please have a moment of silence

Can I please get a moment of silence.

When my sense of mortality is tested and I'm reminded of the fragility of life.
I only become more in love with life and the friends I have been blessed with.

Long live the spirit of Anthony Williams aka Grand wizard Roc Raida. God Bless His Family.

The strangest thing about his death is that,

Ajile Turner


also on the same day


Life is just a moment it takes you out and brings you back in - Roy Ayers

babies die/old people die/innocent people die (plane, trains, automobiles) it's a natural progression of life. You better enjoy it.

But raida and Ajile on the same day passing, two different locations is a mindfuck (pardon my French)
C'est la vie

I got broad strong shoulder
To handle burdens

So the healing process begins. It started in Harlem at a church filled with his family by blood and hip hop.
A few things I took in between tears was the preacher saying how that when someone dies, and they make the programs and put the years the person was born and the year they left. We tend to emphasize on that, when we should emphasize on the dash in between. The time that this person spent on this earth and the people that they touched and shared energy laughs and spirit with. People had traveled from far places to be there ranging from Europe to California. Sitting in the pews were originators of Hip Hop to current relevant artist, official djs east and west coast, well respected journalist, label executives and the Turtabilst/dj community outnumbered them all. As always when talking about wakes and funerals they suck when it comes to the amount of sadness that echos collectively to heaven. I won't touch on that I will celebrate the life and times of a guy I was lucky enough to know pretty well and respected like a MF on the two technique turntables.

Gudword presents


(i will post a better quality tonight Dailymotion is the only one that would take 17 min)

In memory Roc Raida.

Reading this made me write this better DO. NOT. PASS. GO.

#Getyourblogup #digitalmentoring

Those who showed their mutual respect and love to Raida and his family....

Curious George
Grand Wizard Theodore
Teddy Ted &Special K
Fabel Zulu
Jazzy jay
Dj enuff
Cutting Kandy
Rholi roll
Sadat x
Neil Armstrong
Alex Aquino
Clark Kent
Cash money
Crazy legs
Dj Scratch
Joe from fat beats
Lil fame
Harry Allen
Rah digga
Kid Capri
JS 1
Harry Allen
Johnny juice
Fat Joe
Daddy dog
Dj Diamond
Sean c
Joe Sinister
Marshall law
plus many more....this dude was loved!

I wrote the top part of this blog after he passed, its two weeks later and i have been working on this video for the last 3 days and it makes me melancholy about the fun times we have had on the road. This is also dedicated to my X-Ecutioner road crew. KYU, Boogie Blind, Massa, Marshall, Total Eclipse. It was great seeing you, and we will be X for life. I seldom look back on life its better to keep looking forward, I'm glad i have these memories on tape. I will continue to edit footage and remind you of the skills that these guys gave the world.

How lucky can you be when your friends create an artform that is respected worldwide, when you get to record an album with friends that is a classic in the artform. If you havent heard X-pressions by the X-ecutioners you should. The difference between most dj's and these guys is that there talent is above par. Equal to a Jay Z on the turntables. I was glad to see old friends it was great to talk with John Carluccio of Battle Sounds

I will let his quote sum up this dedication.

In an interview I did with DJ Rob Swift, he described Raida as "precious." I never forgot how pure and fitting that word described Anthony.

He was the personification of what many of his harlem brothers only dreamed of -- He saw the world and he did it his way.

I'm amazed how even his fiercest DJ opponents (DJ Scratch, Clark Kent, Shake, Supreme) came out today to pay their respects. I guess because in the spirit of competition Anthony's drive for greatness had made them even better. Behind the small quiet exterior was a gifted DJ who truly set the bar high and became a giant in the turntablist world.

Your spirit will live on!


Life Is Just A Moment - Part 2 - Roy Ayers Ubiquity

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wWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Lifes randomness

spade and neuter

Poland okays forcible castration for paedophiles
Under the law, sponsored by Poland's centre-right government, paedophiles convicted of raping children under the age of 15 years or a close relative would have to undergo chemical therapy on their release from prison

Cool ish

how records are made.

Rahzel and Js-1

Pharoe Monch in okland

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. La Vida Sigue Adelante

R.I.P Roc Raida

for the good times!

WWW.Flampro.Com aka grandmaster roc raida

Its so royal of us to knight artist with titles because of their skill, our recognition of our peers reflects our natural affinity to excel to the greatness we once were and now strive once again to attain.

All props due to one of the best to do it Grand Master Roc Raida.

This is just the hardest thing i have had to ever write down. As i watched twitter yesterday and saw the amazing amount of love and condolences sent out about the passing of one of the greatest turntablist on earth. Life has a cruel and dark humor. Roc Raida was injured in early September and was in the hospital. He was expected to recover after going though surgery. I went to visit him on Friday with a few other X-Men. i hugged that man, prayed with that man, I laughed with that man. I had no intentions of mourning him this soon.

I was introduced to Roc Raida by Rob Swift showing me videos, of this ill dj from uptown that he was practicing with. Rob started showing video of battles that the original X-Men would have for T-Shirts. The guys decided to start a dj crew called X-Men and history was written. These average guys went from bedroom Dj's to worldwide respected musicians. All of their accomplishments have been well documented, in video and awards and movies.

Its difficult now for any of that stuff to matter, it is great that the world was able to see the great and outstanding achievements, but for me i saw a friend grow into an international artist and humble and dedicated Father and loving husband. He was the biggest practical joker and a person you knew that if there was beef you wanted to have your back. I remember 1994 driving these guys to the X-Men vs ISP battle, and how focused this dude was. I remember how happy he was when the X-ecutioners signed to record their first album with Asphodel Records...After recording X-pressions and we went on the "Elements of Hip Hop"tour night during the tour we were in Tampa and some dude in the audience kept talking shit so Raida was on stage like whats up you want to battle now? Who knew the dude must have been waiting for this chance he had records and got on stage....He did his little routine it was was whack...then Raida got on and savagely tore this dummy and new A-hole. That was the kind of Hip Hop guy he was, he was humble but he was always ready to attack.

So many good memories i have to keep with me S.O.B.E Adrenalin rush tour, Anger Management Tour, Shooting the video for It's Going Down, just talking for hours on the road, sneaker shopping...its difficult to write anymore....I would trade them all so his family wouldn't feel this pain anymore.

Roc Raida was Knighted by Grand Wizard Theodore. He was a Turntable genius, a mentor....HIP HOP

i will post more when i feel better.

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Henny is a hell of a drug!!

I am so ready for football. T.O is on a NY team at least in name. I'm watching the game now and hoping that the patriots lose tonight or the Bills but more New England, its just the green J-E-T-S blood in me. This is a pretty good matchup Randy Moss,

Ok onto bigger and better things check out the BMW that is super butter from the breast milk of Tyra and Tocarra.....

As a plug-in full hybrid with a turbodiesel engine, upward-pivoting doors and radical styling, BMW's 4- seat Vision EfficientDynamics concept car—now on display at the Frankfurt auto show—is packed with technology enabling it to be both frugal and fast.

Complementing the Vision’s futuristic exterior styling, the interior of the car has a flowing instrument panel and a seating arrangement designed to give the passengers a floating-in-air feel. The upholstery is mostly made with natural materials although Kevlar is used for the seats. New technology such as a 3- dimensional head-up display and BMW night vision is included.

Kanye and Lil Mama went and Ron Browned too much, just jumped out that window.

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Illest Dunk ever!!

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Married to the Mob May have a kid with it

Today is the big drop day. Rakewon dropped a jem. And Jay-Z added another album to his resume. Labor Day came and went and a few people died but thats the cycle of life. I cant believe that gold is a $1000.00 a ounce, wow as you get older you start to invest in things and i so missed the boat on this one. Just a jewel for the future buy precious meatals during the next rescession..a friend of mine brought an OZ of gold for $300.00 and now its $1000.00. Anyway on to other random topics why is this girl being persecuted for being boylike?

vicked from RAPRADAR.COM

I mean her name does have "Semen" in it so thats is a big pause

It's been a week of change for Caster Semenya, the South African runner at the center of a gender controversy at last month's world track championships.
First, one of her South African coaches quit the team in shame for not telling Semenya that she was being subjected to gender tests. (Semenya had thought she was taking a doping test.) Then, Semenya appeared on the cover of South Africa's You magazine with a complete makeover designed to silence critics who insist she is a man.
For the shoot Semenya sported a less ambiguous hair style, a designer black dress, jewelry, makeup and nail polish. Despite what you think about the whole situation, it's safe to say that this is the first time that Semenya has truly looked like an 18-year old woman.
She says she likes the look too. Semenya told the BBC:

vicked from somewhere...

Heres some new Vids



50th Law of Power


Jiggaman yah Heard