Friday, February 13, 2009

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM... Whats Beef pt 2......Dont kiss me on my mouth..

This is great entertainment for the beggining of the year.

Pimping Curly at officer ricky agian...."Dont kiss me on my Lips"

I saw this and actually liked it so much i forgot to post it

this is one of those feel good songs, if you know the history

LIL CEASE - Real Letter to Big....

G-Unit - Ill Be the shooter

T-Pain is caking off.

Another reason to buy the iPhone, so you can sound JUST like T-Pain. Mr. Pain is teaming up with the famed Auto-Tune designer Antares to develop an iPhone app that lets you speak and record your voice with the signature Auto-Tune sound.

According to the LA Times, the app won’t let you alter your voice on actual phone calls but instead you will be able to record your Auto-Tuned voice over the beats of T-Pain and listen to them on your iPhone. Under the deal with Antares, T-Pain will do the majority of marketing and publicity for the app and will receive an undisclosed royalty for each app sold. More details to come as the deal continues to develop.

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It seems Mos Def has a new movie coming out directed by BENNY BOOM

Heres the trailer What up Benny?

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