Friday, February 6, 2009



Shout out to all my Corona, East Elmhurst heads that i reconnected with this week. Its good to see everyone knows how to use the Internet and is paying their bills LOL. Catching up really took me back to the days when there was no hip hop on the radio except for Saturday night Mr.Magic or Thursday like 3 am on 105. something between the static you could catch THE SUPREME TEAM SHOW... a few years later you could catch the Awsome Two ( Special K & Teddy Ted) , the real good days. I remember L'Amour East Kane, Kool G Rap, Bizmarkie doing routines. The juice crew. The deuce A-Team and Decepts rolling heavy. The good old days when hip hop was fun and exciting. Hip Hop started as the songs of the streets. Street music to get some dude by while he picked his Afro and slipped on his Chinese slippers before going to the deuce to catch a Kung-fu flick......But today Hip Hop is the music that blasts out of the penthouse and rains down dollars on champagne spraying bloggers. Its all digital now, digital thuggery possibly buggery. But i digress, I'm back with a fresh air in my lungs and a monkey on my back only my keyboard can satisfy. I got 48 to live so I'm gonna push allot shit this weekend stay tuned.......

Im gong to start to day off with a sneaker fiend moment.....

Bust these butter Trainers

As i rode to work this morning i was entertained by Ed Lover and 50 Cent , being 50 Cent...

Then on my ride home i heard this from Rick "YO C.O" Ross


and this


I will be updating all night as i watch movies and chill.....

Did you know he lived here?

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