Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM.. GUDTV...Another day Another $

Lebron James is the truth.....

Big Jim Brown was at the game.....

Lets go Yankees!!!!!

The Government is slipping as usual...

WASHINGTON – The National Archives lost a computer hard drive containing massive amounts of sensitive data from the Clinton administration, including Social Security numbers, addresses, and Secret Service and White House operating procedures, congressional officials said Tuesday.
One of former Vice President Al Gore's three daughters is among those whose Social Security numbers were on the drive, but it was not clear which one. Other information includes logs of events, social gatherings and political records.
Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper said in a written statement that the agency was preparing to notify affected individuals of the breach. The representative of former President Bill Clinton has been notified, but Cooper gave no indication whether the former president's personal information was on the hard drive.
"The drive contains an as yet unknown amount of personally identifiable information of White House staff and visitors," the statement added.

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