Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What up people, Yeah the summer has come. I hope Memeorial day was as good for you as it was for me. Shout out to all the twitteratti, Twitter has made the playoffs that much better with a constant stream of emotion from so many people at once. At much happen in Hip Hop besides Charles Hamilton getting japped by His "Brenda". Why do all white people that are out of touch meld all urban music and make it Hip Hop. Check this clip of M.I.A tlaking to Bill Maher and he is actually someoen i feel understands Hip Hop a little better. (I Mean he had the #1 Jump Off Superhead as his woman, so im ure he put on some Villa ice when he would bang it out) But come on Bill M.I.A isnt a rapper, she should have corrected you.

When work gets boring watch this Busta show to get you back in the spirt of pushing some paper.

Busta Rhymes MySpace Release Show New York 5/18 @ Santos

Check Diddy out on the set of his new film

vicekd from WooHa.com

Checked out RapRadar.com and saw that it was Ms.Hills birthday so enjoy this clip

To bad them Marleys made her crazy.....We miss you L-Boogie (lauryn can we have her back please!!!)

vicked from Nicole Bitchie

For the Ladies here is a little Kiesha Cole to get you through the day

Also for you ladies and gents


lets take down dirty....

Twaun Pledger - Cocked N Ready (feat Lil Boosie)

and just to make you laugh


Star and Buc fights the good fight.....Domestic Violence is a Bitch.....


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