Wednesday, June 3, 2009 skys

Okay so im on my way to Jamaica (not queens) the island. I will broadcasting from Yard for the next week. YAH mon. I cant believe i have service and im sitting on my plane. LOVELY....

The Great Bob Marley...

The King of Dancehall



This is the complete video for "spaceship" Yeezee feat consequence and GLC

Had a little drama really sureal, today why did my pilot start to drive to the take off strip then stop and say, to his credit "we are having a gauge problem, when we were at the gate the fuel gauge was full and now 1000 ft later were down to 60%!!!" WTF this uy is like you know what were are going to go back to the gate because i cant fly a plane like that. Thanks Captain for saving lives today. We changed planes, my clothes didnt get lost so today was a good day for jet blue! Im in Mo_Bay and loving it.

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