Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM..Slaughterhouse is hip hop...

Whats up space monkeys? Its time to get back on the grind with a few more treats. Thanks for your patience i have been having to deal with real life, not the one behind the computer screen. I guess my question for the day is how does Raekwon handle this whole Joe buddens issue? and does this make for better publicity and hype for #Slaughterhouse. I hope you copped the album its fire , it is definitely what hip hop has been missing.

Here is XXL/DALLASPENN/Slaughterhouse

vicked from XXL

IKnow rap people Q&A

hosted by DallasPenn


Slaughter house Party

Shout out to Sugar Cuts aka Big doug aka Froggy


Check the homie Common and Mr.Mcloving himself

Vicked from MissInfo

Jay and Oprah in the hood BK

Footage Of Jay-Z and Oprah In Brooklyn

The temperature of hip hop is heating up as the summer is cooling down. C-Murder was found guilty #siblingrivalryfail ,

But before the summer ends we gotta have a

Summertime shootout


Summer Time Shootouts (Prod. by DJ Premier) - UNCLE MURDA

Uncle Murder - Summertime Shootouts

Check out the West Coast artist Jay Rock feat Glasses Malone

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