Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WWW.Flampro.Com aka grandmaster roc raida

Its so royal of us to knight artist with titles because of their skill, our recognition of our peers reflects our natural affinity to excel to the greatness we once were and now strive once again to attain.

All props due to one of the best to do it Grand Master Roc Raida.

This is just the hardest thing i have had to ever write down. As i watched twitter yesterday and saw the amazing amount of love and condolences sent out about the passing of one of the greatest turntablist on earth. Life has a cruel and dark humor. Roc Raida was injured in early September and was in the hospital. He was expected to recover after going though surgery. I went to visit him on Friday with a few other X-Men. i hugged that man, prayed with that man, I laughed with that man. I had no intentions of mourning him this soon.

I was introduced to Roc Raida by Rob Swift showing me videos, of this ill dj from uptown that he was practicing with. Rob started showing video of battles that the original X-Men would have for T-Shirts. The guys decided to start a dj crew called X-Men and history was written. These average guys went from bedroom Dj's to worldwide respected musicians. All of their accomplishments have been well documented, in video and awards and movies.

Its difficult now for any of that stuff to matter, it is great that the world was able to see the great and outstanding achievements, but for me i saw a friend grow into an international artist and humble and dedicated Father and loving husband. He was the biggest practical joker and a person you knew that if there was beef you wanted to have your back. I remember 1994 driving these guys to the X-Men vs ISP battle, and how focused this dude was. I remember how happy he was when the X-ecutioners signed to record their first album with Asphodel Records...After recording X-pressions and we went on the "Elements of Hip Hop"tour ...one night during the tour we were in Tampa and some dude in the audience kept talking shit so Raida was on stage like whats up you want to battle now? Who knew the dude must have been waiting for this chance he had records and got on stage....He did his little routine it was was whack...then Raida got on and savagely tore this dummy and new A-hole. That was the kind of Hip Hop guy he was, he was humble but he was always ready to attack.

So many good memories i have to keep with me S.O.B.E Adrenalin rush tour, Anger Management Tour, Shooting the video for It's Going Down, just talking for hours on the road, sneaker shopping...its difficult to write anymore....I would trade them all so his family wouldn't feel this pain anymore.

Roc Raida was Knighted by Grand Wizard Theodore. He was a Turntable genius, a mentor....HIP HOP

i will post more when i feel better.

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