Sunday, October 25, 2009


Its has been a while since i have gone non stop for days without sleep, grinding its amazing how your body adjusts, i still feeling woozy and im still seeing doubles (makes the ride on the belt intersting) but if i can get some rest after dexter i will be half way caught up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. R.I.P Roc Raida.... The memorial

The memorial!!!!

vicked from Lord Sear

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. R.I.P Roc Raida.... rebirth of FRESH

Its CMJ time in NY...Time for new music and for artist to see where they stand against a NY crowd. I hear O.J didn't fare so well Aye Aye Aye Aye.....

Tonight is the Roc Raida tribute, it still seems weird that he has passed on R.I.P homie. Tonight should be a good night sorta like a family reunion, I'm excited to see old friends. Been taking my time jumping back in to the vicious ocean of Bloggery, once again i swim with the sharks. I hit up the Phorahoe (Mr.Getthefuckup) Monch show this weekend, it was good to be at a real hip hop show, it was way too hot, crowded and the artist was on his game. Big shout to Boogie Blind holding it down on the 1 and 2's for Phorahoe, it was good to put one in the air and kick it homie!! I hadnt seen in a month of Sundays #DefendQueens. Congrats to my man Young Ron on getting engaged, we held it down before the show jumped off. Big shout to Traum Diggs he is a new artist that opend the show that night...besides going at J.Ortiz for no apparent reason, it was refreshing to see a real new hiphop artist in the planet of Brooklyn holding it down good luck!

Phorahoe Monch Live @ Sputnik