Sunday, November 29, 2009


Been hustling , trying to make my moves. I havent had time to give you a piece of my mind. Tiger woods crashed his cars and they are treating it like Ted Kenndys crash. Initial reports say Tiger has facial lacerations, it got me to think that maybey he hit his face on the steering wheel, but his lips, he looked in the mirror and fainted cause he thought he saw a nigga in his back seat! POW another year and lots of foolishness, and the reaper wasnt playing this year. I hope everyone got to eat celebrate and be merry over the holidays. Just rememebr not everyone is as lucky as you to have electricity and a computer to surf the net to read random thoughts of this New Yorker. Big shout to my brother DALLASPENN he is always a great inspiration when it has come to blogging for me, Big shout to CombatJack if you havent had a chance to check his work out you should, he is on point. Starting a radio show in the essense of Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong, check it out on Thursdays 99.3fm! If you are an artist and need some promo you should check out "BEats, Rhymes, Life Radio show on Thursdays 10pm to 12pm.

This is the ISH right now



dallas said...

This blogging shit is a jealous, fickle bitch. Don't let it take over your life.

How you been homeslice?

Anonymous said...

The Gods offer clues about the ownershit group. Not having any blacks working in-house was a clue not only did these proprietors have a family history against blacks but they also have a personal history in a prior life!!! Also, the "romance" event was a clue they are preditory on women as well.
Once charecterized as good, now revealed as positioning.
Reverse positioning. The clients fall along the same lines.
Brandy you're a fine girl.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.