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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Early 80s flow..

Early 80s flow

Men at work - Who can it be now

Men at Work - Land Down Under

Duran Duran - Hungry like a Wolf.

Paul Hard Castle - Rainforest

Paul Hardcastle - 19

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax

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This my first day back to my reality, sitting in my cubicle drinking coffee enjoying the greetings by co workers who say that they have missed me. It always feels good to be somewhere that everybody knows your name. Even though the temperature in New York is a zero Fahrenheit (or 32 Celsius just to keep the British Caribbean flow going) the warmth that the sun suntanned my skinned with is keeping my body warm #gomelanin. I am refreshed and relaxed and ready to conquer the world. Of course i went over my budget and so bill wont be paid on time. But hey it was worth it all. The sense of inner peace that i feel right now, is something i hope you all have a chance to expierence.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Flight of the Birds of Paradise

Well I am sitting in the airport in barbados about to depart and i am not happy about it. Everyone needs a little fun in the sun. I am glad the Queen Dutchess and i had a relaxing trip and i got to hit the beach twice everyday even this morning before we left. Thank You Barbados!!

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Another Day in Paradise!!!!! Harrisons cave

12 hours left on our journey. 12 hours before the accent switches from British Caribbean to Brooklyn Italiano. I am walking down a road in the gutter at times because some of the beach houses start at the curb, and leave no room for sidewalk. Even though Barbadian drivers are experts at at driving during low light conditions, it is still hair raising when the sound of a rumbling motor and squealing air brakes are creeping up behind you, knowing that one foot over or one slip of the wheel and the person walking becomes the walking dead...splat!!!

We had the chance to go and visit a nation treasure of Barbados Harrison's Cave

This natural cave is 16 stories into the earth, i tried to channel my inner Chilean Miner as we drove deeper and deeper into the caverns. It was a beautiful field trip and amazing thing to experience especially when they turn off all of the lights and all you can see is nothing, complete and utter darkness. It was hot and damp but the stalactites and stalagmites were really breath taking.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Women Weather Weed..Welcome to Barbados 2

7;26 pm and all i can wonder about is what my cell phone bill will look like, and what part of my body that i will have to sell  to pay it off.  Very long and beautiful day. After our dip in the crystal clear sea water we left Hastings and head towards Bridgetown, Barbados We decided to pass the first bus stop or cab stand and walk up highway 7 so i could snap some photos.  Even though the sun had its high beams on we just trekked and snapped up every little beautiful scene that we saw.

The walk revealed a magical pastel world that was a mix of British 1700's and modern design. Its like walking though a really old town that has wi-fi and cable. As car zoomed by these very small roads not built with these many vehicles in mind, you could here hip-hops' influence as songs like Kanyes -"runaway"  of Barbados' own Rhinanna came out the speakers.  

The one thing i love about this place, is that there is still a level of innocence and purity seldom found in todays society. The officers dont have weapons, if your lost you will be able to find someone to help you. Dont get me wrong there are ASSHOLES (shout out to the bus driver who didn't tell me to get off , even though i asked where a certain stop was, and i had only gotten on two stops before! Big shout to the helpful lady who rang the bell and let me know that the dumb bus driver went past my stop....) 

10:00 am 12/10/2010
Just got back from a earl dip in the ocean as my lady kicked me out this morning to  get her nails done from the traveling manicurist Keisha Corbin @keishacorbs (women will always work out a manicure and pedicure SMH even in barbados) for the ladies that read my blog she got MINX nails 

Another day in the ocean and the sun.  I spent yesterday evening with my grandmother, she has such a lively spirit even though these are her golden years. It has been at least eight years since i visited last (fail on my part)...She got too meet Ms.Grape Dutchess which completes the cycle just in case she doesn't make my wedding whenever/where-ever that will be.  She lives in "Deacons Farm" and the best description i could give would be a "tropical 40 projects" without the crackheads. Its difficult to describe that its the ghetto even though i am sure the average income in the neighborhood has to be at poverty level. Everyone seem to be nice but you can feel the element of criminality when you drive by and see boys hanging out doing nothing looking for trouble. But hey every where its the same thing. When i was younger i thought this has to be the most gangster place on the Island. Last night i was corrected...I went though a hood called "Nelson" and that was the closest thing to the old "5th ward" in New Orleans that i have seen. My tour guide through the hood was a Dred so i knew i had the powers of Jah on my side. So i didn't worry about getting jacked, hopefully i can go back and get some photos for you. (420 = Jam 420= Vinny) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Salt Water hold the Taffy...

Day 3 @home, thats what most Bajan transplants call Barbados when they are in the states, or are returning to the country. For me its my little slice of peace and tranquility in my mega world of madness.  I just got off the beach and its only about 8:30am, i would jut be walking into my stinking job trying to figure out what relaxation methods' to use to soothe away the  annoyance of my co-workers. But that is where i digress, I could care less whats going on in my office at the moment.  *eats Bake wonders if the sea ate his sandman*

Im about to head to Bridgetown see whats popping in the capital of the city. My and my adventure partner Ms.Grape Dutches will try to find some trouble to get into.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Women Weather Weed..Welcome to Barbados!!

Off on another trip. Barbados the island paradise. Its been about 8 years since i have been here and it is just as beautiful. Some people go to Mecca for spiritual revival. This is my personal temple of peace. When i left NY it was in the 30 and flurries...I could not have been happier to step of the flight onto the tarmac and there be 88 degree heat burning me. The familiar smell of Palm trees and sugarcane waifed under my nose as we drove through the "Pretty Streets" as my Godmother calls the trip from the airport. I walked the strip on the south shore last night so i can get lay of the land, but i didn't really do much besides get a great nights sleep, and was prodded awake by sun rays the strength of lasers peeking into my window to say hello. Its time to hit a beach and get a "sea bath".

6pm 25 celsius my time,just woke up from a Caesars salad, flying fish sandwich, Ju-Cee fueled coma..after spending two beautiful hours on the beach, I couldn't be luckier!  There is allot of new development and allot skeletons of old resorts that have died.  Its time to figure out what Gud food to eat tonight!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Where have i been? I been looking for hip hop, i been looking for a new vibe, been looking for something interesting to inspire me. Life is life check this out....

Pass the Cohiba

vicked from

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Trials and Tribulations

I have been stuck on this Malice Vlog all day. First i always root for the villains in a story, and i am always inquisitive about the artist that sparks a "real recognizes real" vibe. I will be the first to say it.  Im am not the biggest Clipse fan, as a dj i like to play their radio records, for the crowd response and they always tend to have a darker moodier sound that i enjoy listening too.  When i need to vibe i will play their "re-up gang music".  The Clipse hailing from Virginia I always wondered what they went though because VA was a drug capital for a long time. If you know like i know that common wealth laws are a beast! After their manager was convicted of being in the game,  it only gave confirmation to the fact that these guys lives had to have been intertwined into the "game" in some manner. You know guilty by association even if they were making clean cream from the music scene. The people around them... not so much! So this brings me not to celebrate the life or the image of the life , but the amazing dynamic of Malice giving himself to the lord. (He has great content on his Vimeo page when you get a chance you should check it out)

I think the thing that strikes me as interesting is how, being a hip hop artist its not easy to praise the lord in this genre of music. It does not sell and most people live godless; at least in this evil city of New York. When Mase and Loon found comfort in a higher power. I chalked it up to the things they had seen working for BadBoy and Puff. Puff being a scorpio the sign of death,  the obvious reaction is to strive for life and a change. The music industry will suck your soul and leave you empty and broken. I am surprised allot more people in the mix dont kill them self from the pressure and shallowness.

To see Malice try to convey a message that his image was one way, but in reality shit got so real that you need the strength of a higher power to survive in this fight we call life. Is admirable, but personally its difficult to have continued faith in a higher power.  So as i surfed the net today i found this Malice post and its the third one in the series so i decided to check it out today, and that led me to pretty much check out all the content on the page. It seems that he has a interesting story to tell.  Malice has a Book coming out

Look out for  Wretched Pitiful Poor Blind and Naked.....

Check check check it out....

This Is Only A Test from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Malice's Book Excerpt #1 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

And now return to the classics...

Grinding..VA stand up....

You know what i keep in the lining!!!!!

And one of my personal favorites

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Automatic in the Stash

Stash Spot status

stash spot

a secret place to hide your drugs, so the police won't find it easily.
dude #1 my dog found my stash spot
dude #2 oh man what he eat?
dude #1 a bag of shrooms, and my weed
dude #2 that's a bummer man! 

Dr.DRE and Snoop drop some crack on the streets feat Akon


Travis Barker feat RZA x RAE x Tom Morello

Monday, November 15, 2010


Another week begins, and we trudge through the next five days awaiting the next 48 hour break. Lets take it slow and hope you all have a safe journey. I start my morning as i do many floating

In a perfect world i would be wearing this Gucci jacket today.

vicked from

Heres a nod to everyone on Mass transit this morning trying to get to work. And for those of you who do not, here is what the commute would look like. Luckily you do not have to endure the smell of coffee and funk.

#DefendQueens #7 Line

Lets go JETS, thanks you for such a exciting game yesterday.

And the Giants are doing thier best Mets impression. How do you lose to the bum ass Cowboys?

Friday, November 12, 2010


DALLAS is a genius.....

There really isn't any way i think i could dig, this guys music. I really think this is all due to the fact i like a more aggressive music, a darker moodier movement of music. I do believe he fills a niche that we should not ever take the peddle off. I really remember those old androgynous rock big hair groups as a kid and only having a hour or two a day of hip hop on the radio in NY. It wasn't too long ago that people that dressed like him and didn't really look like him ran the airwaves of MTV and Hip Hop was local black music. Now its not out of the ordinary for Afro Punk or The Black Green Day-ish  group comes out of the ghetto. So sing young man sing your song, but i have to thank DALLAS of DALLASPENN.COM for providing me with friday follies.

Check out the Unofficial BONE GRISSLE visual for


Thursday, November 11, 2010


War huh what is it good for.

But ehrm, stay calm, there's no need for alarm 
You say "go back" to your mom, and you're off to Vietnam 
You shoot to kill, come back and you're a veteran 
but how many veterans are out there pedaling?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010




Found this throwback joint of Shante and Biz

Cant forget this classic

Roxannes Revenge

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Vote or Die The politico war has begun

Hello good people of America. These damn politicians are always at odds with each other. They feed us treacherous and apocalyptic sermons as to why we should vote for them, and put them in power. Nine times out of 10 they are only hoping to further their political standings and increase the trust fund for their kids. Cant blame a person for trying to buy more groceries, but the reality is no matter who we pick its the same song from either side. I will admit that the Tea Party scares me, it seems that they are those Americans that dream of the days of segregation and enslavement that their grandparents and great grandparents where able to prosper in. I wonder how different and progressive AmeriKKKa would be if there was not this institutionalized racism in our country.   was at the Staten Island Ferry earlier this week, and Carl Paladino was "Shaking hands and Kissing babies" at the terminal. He shook the person next to me on the rights hand, then he went to the person on my left and he shook their hand. I thought to myself at first who is this guy and when it hit me all at once, i could not believe that he had just skipped over me and didn't shake my hand. I went on a twitter and Facebook rant at the time, and im still salty about it. I can only thank the devil for acting like the devil. His greatest trick was make us believe he  doesnt exist. Not that i thought Paladino should shake my hand but sometimes i get comfortable and forget that America is defined by color and stereotypes. Well today is the one day that we get to somewhat voice our opinion, and today is the day that will keep those stupid primaries flyers coming to my mailbox.  You may not go out and vote today and that is your perogative, but you onlyhave one oppurtunity to make a change, and that oppurtunity is open today from 7am - 7pm. Chat with you suckas later.......

Here is a boring clip of Beanie going in on the Where im from beat. I always like the verse, it was classic cause he was about to do a bid, and it lent itself to a more dramatic scenario about beans going to jail. I guess this was supposed to be the visual that never came out,  because its kinda boring...the funny thing is the cop in the video actually looks scared.  Now as i take another listen to the lyrics in this verse and the added Choke No Joke clip that kinda gives you a perspective on the manner that Beans carried himself. And listening to Beans say "Jay better visit me" it kind of seems there is not a real recognition of chain of command in his thought process.  It doesn't really matter now since these artist no longer work  with each other, but its wack to see a dynasty crumble.....

Choke No Joke

Damon Dash speaks his mind on the Roc

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD Halloween - Devils Night

Lets get scary!!!! Happy Halloween. Im watching the NYC Halloween Parade enjoying NYC creative spirit. It helps to get over the "How could the Jets lose and get shut out? What was that? Mark Sanchez it wasnt your fault.

WHen you have a chance check out Rob Swifts Halloween mix on Scion Radio 17..Theres a link on the side...

These are the guys that kept Hip-Hop living and gave it definition in the 90's...

Stretch and Bobbito Show..

Stretch & Bobbito discuss early guests, Souls of Mischief, and reminisce and snap on DJ Riz from DANTE ROSS NYC on Vimeo.


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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD Headers, Smoke, Doughnuts

On some Ride or Die ish today...

I dont get why but this is still ill

Ruff Ryders

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Roc Raida Tribute ...B.B. Kings Pt1

Roc Raida - XMEN X-ecutioners 4 ever


Hello World



DJMARKX...PRESENTS "BackPackThrowBack"

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD Timbos and Champions



vicked from RalphLarenUk...


Fall is supposed to be here, but instead i still can get away with a polo with these 70 degree days. Midweek and its all downhill from here. Im still searching for the pot of the gold at that the end of that rainbow not the "curios" type of rainbow. I am talking about the one that the leprechaun is protecting. As Halloween approaches and the ghouls and goblins come out to play. It always reminds me of the day "it went too far" and my boys said i went richeous but i remember that was the day i came close to the blade being held by an angry store owner, mad that we had just rushed his store. Yeah thats were the wilding ended and was taken to a less aggressive and more progressive level. Its not natural for me to Blog because most of what we feel and think we keep inside. But sometimes i need to put my voice in the universe without any sort of response needed. Anyway lets move and groove with more internet fooletry.....


The NBA starts tonight lets see if the DREAM TEAM (South Beach) lives up to the hype , here is a little special issue of ESPN the magazine X Marvel....

I read this issue today and they create a cover for every team, some very nostalgic covers are reproduced. Very nice!!!


Got this from computer world you better watch what your downloading!!!

Computerworld - In a major victory for the music industry, a New York federal judge has ordered embattled P2P software maker LimeWire to immediately and permanently stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software.

In a 17-page injunction (PDF document) issued on Tuesday, Judge Kimba Wood of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered LimeWire to cease the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and file distribution functionality of LimeWire's P2P file-sharing software.

The injunction instructed LimeWire to immediately communicate the court's decision to all users of the software and to all of the company's employees, principals and other stakeholders. It gave the company 14 days to report back to the court on the steps LimeWire has taken to comply with the order.

A spokeswoman for the company today stressed that the court's order does not mean that LimeWire is shutting down and said that it only prevents LimeWire from distributing or supporting its P2P software.

It does not prohibit the company from going ahead with its previously announced plans to launch a subscription based music service and neither does it prohibit the company from operating its online store, the LimeWire spokeswoman said.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Rest in Peace

LONDON (AP) — Gregory Isaacs, the Jamaican reggae singer whose smooth style earned him the nickname "Cool Ruler," has died. He was 59.

Isaacs' manager, Copeland Forbes, said the singer died Monday at his London home. Isaacs had been diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago, but continued performing until weeks before his death.

His wife Linda said Isaacs was "well-loved by everyone, his fans and his family, and he worked really hard to make sure he delivered the music they loved and enjoyed."

Born in a Kingston, Jamaica slum in 1951, Isaacs began recording in his teens, and went on to produce scores of albums .

With his sinuous baritone and romantic songs, Isaacs became a leading proponent of the mellow "Lovers Rock" style of reggae. He hit his stride in the mid-1970s with ballads like "Love is Overdue" and "All I Have Is Love."

Later that decade he teamed up with the Jamaican production duo of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare for several hit songs including "Soon Forward" and "What A Feeling."

"Gregory's voice and writing ability was wicked. He was one of those soulful singers you could sit and listen to for hours," Dunbar said Monday.

Isaacs was best known internationally for the title song from his 1982 album "Night Nurse," a club favorite which later became a hit for Simply Red.

His career was stalled by a cocaine habit that landed him in jail on several occasions. Isaacs said ruefully in 2007 that he'd gone to "Cocaine High School ... the greatest college ever, but the most expensive school fee ever paid."

Drug abuse took a toll on his voice but he kept making music, releasing a well-received final album, "Brand New Me," in 2008.

Suggs, lead singer of reggae-influenced British band Madness, said the dapper, fedora-sporting Isaacs was "a great reggae artist and also one of the most sartorially elegant stars on the world stage."


Associated Press writer Howard Campbell in Kingston, Jamaica contributed to this report.

Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse

Original Sample for Power _kanye

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just came back form IHOP and i am feeling good! I hope your week was good and you had a chance to whip your hair back and forth this weekend. Yeezee released his movie that goes with his new is pretty good shot by HYPE and scored by Kanye...its the story of the fiery phoenix...Big shout to all the girlfriends that hold their men down!

This is funny #GUDISH

Baraka Flaka Flames

Monday, October 18, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD The return of the Jedi

Hello Boys and girls....Im back from the future......

file this under #whoknew

Check out the original Marty McFly seems like dude lost his job to M.J shots but COMEONSON!!!!



Man check out this great Great Podcast Hosted by Hip-Hop Lawyer and so much more COMBAT JACK big shout to DALLASPENN for the intro to this dude he is a well of hip hop history. On this episode they have a chance to interview Elliott Wilson...Kill yourself if you dont check this out!!!!

Combat Jack Show Radio 10-15-10 (Guest Elliott Wilson) by PNCRadio



You have to step outside the box sometimes in life. If you are trapped by routine then it is time to make that change. I see people trapped by drug addiction, and very difficult situations, then i see people who by all measures have great life's and families and jobs and they still complain. I dont think you should ever take for granted your blessings, even the simplest of them as to waking and being able to walk and talk and feed yourself or have a place to stay at night. I am just venting but there is o frustrations with how others live because that also is a waste of time and energy. Just as the saying says for me "Time is money".

This guy KAWS never ceases to amaze me with his work.



VIcked from KAWS BLOG



Quick install of some KAWS work


Big shout to all the people that shoot virals....

#just because

Need some ideas for dinner check out Chef Roe!!



Keeping it local , check this crazy chick out....

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD Last name ever first name greatest.

Just because he is an underrated but pretty dope emcee

Here is Skillz Audition tape for BET Cypher...

Best line ...Dont have to wear suits to be Good....

Skillz: BET Cypher from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

Monday, October 4, 2010


I met Mike tyson today...ICON/ LifeStar / Dance Dude lol

The Classic Bobby was getting his dance on ...


Another Manic Monday is on us. Time to overload on coffee and annoying co-workers. This was a weird weekend, more like a weekend of Deja Vu. I like to enjoy life to the fullest, sometimes i take risks to enhance the thrill. I really cant explain it but the regular bores me. So this weekend i took some risks and it made me feel allot better, those little moments of risk that raise the adrenalin levels get me through until the next adventure. Yes i know i am being vague so you can say it may have bordered on illegal. Taking these risks at this age makes no sense but i don't have the same sensibilities as the average person. When i finally rest i want to remember all of the good times and to be sure i left it all out there on the floor. Its all about trying to excel and live to your fullest potential (sorry for the Les Brown moment. Enjoy your day and have a great week lets go.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


My Jets are doing good, The Yanks are stumbling into the playoffs i hope that they can work it out. Kanyes performance on SNL last night was good but that Richard Pryor suit and i mean i think he go it from Richard Pryors closet was boring, at the least Kanye has consistently been putting out with great anticipation GOOD music every Friday for the past month or so and that is much is the win for having to see his eccentric taste.

Yeezee on SNL....POWER


Monch goes and puddle jumps with man boy Boggie Blind on the Tim WESTWOOD SHOW

This was one of the funniest Eddie Murphy Skits

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Friday, September 17, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD Let the fall begin

Time to decompress and actually just sit at my computer is scarce. I can blog from my phone but that is to tedious with the auto correct feature on my iphone. Summer has come to an end and a tornado has passed though New York City. These are the chronicles of Dark Kent, city slicker to the fullest, 86er no bullshit. Its been a year since dj Anthony "Roc Raida" Williams, left this earth to go spin in the sky. Talking to a friend he said "I wonder if he is with Jam Master Jay and Big L....etc and it was a moment of levity in a heavy situation but it made sense. If there is an afterlife like on LOST, Would the people we know wait around for us? I think thats captures the human spirit at its essence...we want to live forever and ever and ever but right now in this life it seems like this is it once we are gone we are ghost, and the kids come after and make bad music and forget about old heads!! Seasons change...

Welcome fall I need a cable knit grey sweater or two!!!

GUDMUSIC : Black Rob cam back rhyming like Black Rob. Its good to see the incarceration didn't fuck with his flow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


A storm a come, I hope if you are on the East Coast of the USA, that you are not affected by the hurricane. If you are stuck in the house, check out some dope Hip Hop. Eminem and Jay are performing joint concerts in the "D" heres a little footage.



Jigga - Free Mason

Here is an interview with Large Professor at the Rock The Bells Show.

Monday, August 30, 2010



Wow what a great experience to enjoy the Rock The Bells Concert this past weekend in NY. It was my first time to Governors island, at least i have my sea legs from my many trips to Staten Island cause the ferry was rocking like the minnow. The island is an old abandon army base. The concert was on the field and it was hot like being in a cotton field. The main stage and the Paid dues stage were set up on opposite ends so if you chose to hear some up and coming artist like Jedi Mind Tricks or Brother Ali you were in no rush to walk what felt like 5 blocks in the sun to see whoever was on the main stage.
I started my journey on a funny note as i am about to go thru security and i have vodka in my water bottle and rolled blunts in the brim of my hat, i have to turn around and chug the vodka cause it was in an open bottle. Nice!!!! i start off with a buzz; they had two security checks as i go thru the second one the hat being in my bag leapt to freedom and its passengers jumped for safety, thankfully they dont pay those event security guys enough to notice the little details like my perfectly rolled blunts on the floor. I scooped them up in my hat and kept it moving Hurdle one avoided. When you get off the boat the walk to the main field where the concert was held, was a chain fence walk-way similar to what you see in prisons, it was a little ominous considering you were also walking past abandoned building that were used to house the military, but the were the same building you would consider projects anywhere else. If it were not for the amount of white people around me i would have thought this was some sort of Tuskegee trap.
Finally at the gate take my ticket out and POW another security check, thankfully i grew up in the time where they had just started to use metal detectors, otherwise i wouldn't have like 15 different stash options at all times. Beat that security check and the party is on though the gates i walk and The God emcee is on the stage Rakim....Now my only thing i need to do is hook up with my boys JMarkx and Teknision oh by the way that will be my theme all night) Rakim is on the mic and you know i got soul. If your were like me and you went out there early you knew that sun was going to be a factor. I knew by 8 or 9 it would be over for most of the early goers that sun was a killer. So after Rakim finishes his performance, its time to light up!!! and thankfully NYPD was 420 friendly this day. I literally saw people sparking up feet from the boyz in in the immortal words of Ice Cube "it was a good day"

The biggest fail for the day was phone service. You would have had to keep your phone on roam to get any service on the island it was like using you phone in the middle of the dessert. This was the main reason i did not get to link with my peoples, but as i roamed around i ran into so many heads i never felt alone. Big shout to Doug @fludwatches got to chop it up with him and his lady about LOST. Big shout out to J.Period i ran into him and he provided me with extra credentials so i could get into all of the VIP areas with A/C...that was a god send.

As the night progressed and Artists after artist ripped it was time to get to the meat of the show. Ms.Hill came on and did her thing, i heard allot of complaints how everything in her set was sped up and done at different tempos than the original songs, but for me she was just a musician doing things her way. Most memorably was when she sang "Zion" and she had her children come to the stage the oldest being Zion who is 13 and she says that she cant believe its been so long. But it has to speak to why she didn't want to do the same songs she has been doing since 1997. THe highlight of her show , was the people that came out to see her perform, on the side of the stage was celebrity couple row Jay&Beyonce and Swizz&Alicia, Mary&Kendu, John Legend(place model here) and Chris Rock. It was great to see New York artist coming out to see and make it a moment in hip hop history.


Next up to the stage was A Tribe Called Quest..."Queens Represent" The last time i had seen tribe together as a full group with Jarobi, was Howard University when the Low End Theory dropped...So i knew the feeling i had at that show was special. I only could dream that i would come close to that feeling @RocktheBells...I got off the stush shit and went deep into the crowd pressed between one dude my age and surrounded by the new breed of hip hopper. Tribe performed Midnight Marauders in its entirety in sequence order. Of course they started it off with the female digital host "hello" in living digital flesh she was on the screen behind Tribe leading you on this musical journey...

A Tribe Called Quest

Heres Busta rhymes with the scenario....Watch


I will let Dallas Penn do the Wrap up for me...

Rock The Belles from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Wu-Tang Clan

Seeing Wu perform was some sort of musical cleansing some real good rugged hip hop

Shame on a Ni**ga

Verbal Intercourse in D.C This is the only thing that would have made the show any better if Nas had shown up for the NY show, but at least the footage from this classic song will do. My dude Datwon had said this to me when we were watching the show "like what if Nas had come out and did his Jawns"

Monday, August 16, 2010


Another summer slowly wraps itself up, soon to be put in to the weather closet and replaced by that cold demon Jack Frost(someone needs to put a hit on Frosty and crew). I woke up this morning with no intentions on going to work and i don't think that's really is going to happen today. I hope fully can catch you up on some cool things popping on the Internet. Today is Rock the Bells concert in NY, it should be fun. Ill be on my twitter till my batteries die and i will try to live update, but i am really trying to go and enjoy a great show. Even though this should be a great day in Hip Hop i cant help to feel sad that the last true blue NY record store Fat Beats will be closing soon. Its a sign of the times excess is done, being trendy will cost you once again vinyl is dying. Micheal Jackson's birthday has passed and once again spike lee will be having a memorial jam in Brooklyn. Ok i hope you get to enjoy the weekend be back soon.

Check out Snoops set at Rock the Bells CA 2010

Check out this open letter Dj Rob swift wrote about the closing of FAT BEATS record store.

vicked from

My First Love, Vinyl | An Ode to Fat Beats by Rob Swift

Rob Swift

On August 17th, I made a little trip to one of my favorite record stores, Fat Beats (NYC), to pick up some music from the homey DJ Eclipse (store manager). We chatted about this and that as my eyes scanned the record shelves, quickly processing what new shit I might need to be on the look out for. It wasn't long before I noticed my album, The Architect, wasn't stocked on any of the shelves. It prompted me to ask E, "Yo, are y'all still carrying The Arch...?" That's when E broke the news, "We had it, but unfortunately as of September of this year, the Fat Beats record store is closing it's doors. So in order to save money, we're only stocking new releases..." It felt like somebody just punched me in the chest. The very next day, Fat Beats sent out a press release officially broadcasting the news to all of those who've supported the store for the last 16 years.
I think seeing the official press release on my gmail inbox ignited a fury inside me. It's as if reading what E told me the night before brought on a sort of finality to the whole situation. Thus, now that it's official, where do I go from here? Do I sit and do nothing or do I get proactive about the situation? I think I'll choose the latter.
Let me explain something to y'all. Fat Beats closing it's stores is symbolic of the state of Hip Hop consumerism. The first record I ever bought was "Roxanne Roxanne" by UTFO. I purchased it at my neighborhood record store, Numbers (78th Street and 37th Avenue). I remember walking up to the cash register and before I paid the $3.99 price tag, the owner of the store took time to break down why he thought I made the right purchase. He told me, "...these guys are from the Full Force camp. You know... the same guys that worked with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam". He was also like "'re gonna love the scratches on this record too."

I remember being 13, 14 years old, telling my parents I was going to a friends house and taking the #7 train instead into 42nd Street Times Square to go record shopping at my favorite store, MUSIC FACTORY. I remember Lenny, who worked the cash register, would put me on to joint's like "Tom Sawyer" by Rush, "Big Beat" by Billy Squire, "Toys In The Attic" by Aerosmith and "Bob James One" by Bob James. Then I'd go to the Hip Hop section and rack up on the stuff I heard Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, Marley Marl, Spectrum City Crew (now known as Public Enemy), Johnny Juice, Hank Love and Awesome Two play on there radio shows. I'm talking stuff like "Ego Trippin" by Ultra Magnetic. "Tougher Than Leather" by Run DMC. The "Criminal Minded" album by Boogie Down Productions and "Do The James" by Superlover Cee and Casanova Rudd.
See, buying music back then was an experience that started at home while you listened to the radio. There would be that one song that had you feeling like "Yo, I gotta find this record by any means necessary." Then there was the excursion. You would plan a day in which you'd set everything aside to go look for this specific record. Even if it meant train rides from Jackson Heights, Queens to the Boogie Down Bronx. And once your excursion ended at one of the many record stores you visited on this day long journey, you would always have a knowledgeable staff member who would pull you aside and say "if you're into Run DMC, you might wanna check out Divine Sounds." You'd leave the store purchasing the one record you've been on your feet looking for all day plus other joints you probably weren't up on.
I'd be rushing to get back home just so I could sit down, turn my dad's equipment on, drop the needle to the record and study the album jacket, pictures and song credits as the music blasted through the speakers. I literally became one with the artist. I knew what studio they recorded in, who produced their tracks, who performed the scratches... I'd even catalog the addresses of each record label with hopes that someday I'd get signed after sending them one of 100s of demo tapes I'd work on composed of Psycho Les' (Beatnuts) beats from his Casio key board, my older brother's, Universe, vocals and my scratches. Profile, Def Jam, Reality, Sleeping Bag... never signed us but that only gave me more incentive to go buy this music, study it and understand how to one day make a HIP HOP song that people would eventually listen to.
Fast forward to today! Music fans are experiencing music in a totally different way. Actually, I take that back. Music fans today don't experience music. They hear it. Yeah, that's a much better word. They hear it. They hear the same 10 songs being played on mainstream radio then turn their laptops on and type in YouTube on their browsers to watch the videos. Then they go to the club and ask the DJ to play that same song they've been hearing all day long. "Huh? Go to a record store and buy a record?" or "Oh such and such just dropped an album? I gotta go download it from LIMEWIRE." Don't get me wrong, ain't nothing wrong with getting stuff for free every now and then. When I was on the come up as a DJ we had record pools. Basically, record companies would service well known club DJs, radio DJs, battle DJs, etc. with free records. I used to get vinyl in the mail every day from all types of record companies, but I'd always end up going on that records excursion anyway to find that joint that nobody was up on. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Music fans today are lazy, PERIOD!
As for Serato's roll in all of this, I have Serato and I still buy records. I mean, I don't know what else to say. Technology like Serato, CDJs etc., are not the blame in my opinion. DJs who don't take the time to dig anymore, DJs who don't make an effort to break new and innovative music, DJs who only download their music are just as much responsible for stores like Fat Beats closing as the music fans I talked about earlier. Look, I've downloaded music. We all have. Our world continuously evolves and as a result we must adapt to the technological changes occurring every day. But don't be surprised if you run into me at Big City Records getting my fingertips dusty, building with my boy Jared about new sounds I could use to inspire myself and my audience. I stay searching for that obscure record I can play on my online radio show Dope On Plastic ( I frequently surround myself around records, waiting to discover that one joint I can flip at a live show! The problem is, it seems there's less of me and more of you make shift DJs that think "all I gotta do is buy Serato, download a few MP3's and presto, I'm ready to rock a little bar in the village." That is what's killing stores like Fat Beats.

I get it though, it's much easier to point the finger of blame at an inanimate object like a laptop that has no feeling, no emotion. It's always harder to look in the mirror and take responsibility for a problem? For those of you who are with me, let's not let what happened to Fat Beats record store happen to the other remaining [vintage] record stores we love! We have to stop displacing the responsibility of keeping vinyl alive on a power outside of ourselves. Stop letting the "industry" tell you what's the cool way to obtain music. Downloading a song from your couch for free will never compare to searching it out at a record store you can actually hang out at and meet people that share an interest in similar music.
Live people! Experience things! Avoid being an "unthinking audience". Discover music in your own way and I promise, the world of music will open up in a way you never imagined.
Any of ya'll ever seen Pink Floyd's "The Wall"? If not, do the knowledge!
On September 2nd at 6pm sharp, I'll be appearing at my final Fat Beats in store with special friends Breez Evahflowin and The Buck 50 Kutters. It will be my way of saying "adios" to a place that put Rob Swift and my crew The X-men on the map! For you true Hip Hop fans, this is gonna be a special in store so don't miss out. I plan on performing my heart out one last time as a way of paying respect to what, for me, was the home base for Hip-Hop DJs worldwide. Please come through and say farewell with us!
Rob Swift

The one and only J.Period will be officially re-releasing his MJ Tribute Mix this weekend in conjunction with Spike Lee and the Memorial party that he is having this weekend in Prospect Park, if you are in the city and would like to go to an musical experience i would advise you to GO!

and if you want the mix it ill be available on Sunday 29th, at this link J.PERIOD MJ MEMORIAL


But the new Hot fire today is this song MONSTER feat Kanye, Jay Z, Nikki Minaj,

Heres a link for you to enjoy CLICK HERE