Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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This is caled the show.


Here i am just passing the time. I feel pretty good for no reason. These are the times for me that balance out the things that can bring you down (like bills, being broke, death, sickness). These are the times i remember when i need some hope...and nothing particular happened i just feel GUD. Here is a new year and i hope you enjoy the things i will be presenting to you INTERNETS. I need to go shopping...


A new species of FROGMAN has surfaced and this one is more powerful than ever. Black resin band with neutral digital face.
Tough Solar Power
Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
Tide & Moon Data
ISO 200M WR Dive Timer
Stainless Steel Case & Beze

you can find this butter hat @ PSYCHO BUNNY

with a nice pair of jeans these will fit.

you can find these @ www.rwleatherboots.com

Or these Cole Haans'

Rugged Ski sweaters to match

Nordic _ Gilded

Gilded Age

Camel Hair...( i wonder if they got it from Jay Zs' barber *drum roll*...crickets

You can find this @ Michael Kors

Michael Kors camel hair sweater

Our Legacy Alpaca sweater

Odin, 199 Lafayette St., New York, NY; 212-966-0026

POLO nuff said Snowflake!

Scarfs this down!

United Colors of Benetton wool scarf

almost all clothing Photos: Elissa Wiehn

ill be back but for now just sekkel!!

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