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I never understood how people get so stressed out, at least New Yorkers over lyricism. I guess because i never felt the need to have my backpack on. The difference between hip hop consumers the purist and gangsta music lovers, is how they relate to the subject matter the are consuming. I related more to Live Squad then De La Soul, or me never worshiping J.Dilla sounds but feeling like i could hear hours of primos production with Biggie/ M.O.P/ Nas or Jay Z. So flash forward to today, when half of the artist getting light with half ass lyrics and a super pop feel to their music. I don't get mad i just realize someone can relate. If your reading level stopped when you dropped out of school you wont want to hear complex want cat rat bat hat pop cop stop drop if you have a college level or better you hope Talib fits the dictionary into a song. I personally relate to the urban struggle. Black mans pain, Minority reporter, just trying to make ends meet kind of situation. The first book i wrapped my head around was Claude Browns

Manchild in the Promised land, I remember going into my high schools library and finding the book as i cut class, and needless to say the book blew my mind. From page one, here was a story of a black kid coming up in America struggling with the pressures of this jungle. Page one it just jumps off (check the link you can read the first few chapters) hes shot and the cops are on him! That situation seems so ingrained with black history from then to now.....

Here we are at the end of Black/African American/Negro/Colored history Month so i will dedicate this post to the history that has affected the World.

First and foremost lets start with slave rebellion


The Haitian Revolution (1791–1803) is the period of violent conflict in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, leading to the elimination of slavery and the establishment of Haiti as the first republic ruled by people of African ancestry. Although hundreds of rebellions occurred in the New World during the centuries of slavery, only the revolt on Saint-Domingue, which began in 1791, was successful in achieving permanent freedom. The Haitian Revolution is regarded as a defining moment in the history of Africans in the new world.
Although an independent government was created in Haiti, its society continued to be deeply affected by the patterns established under French colonial rule. The French established a system of minority rule over the illiterate poor by using violence and threats. The racial prejudice created by colonialism and slavery outlived them both. The post-rebellion racial elite (referred to as mulattoes) were descended from both Africans and white planters. Some had received an education, served in the French military, and even acquired land and wealth. Lighter complected than most Haitians, who were descendants only of enslaved Africans, the mulattoes dominated politics and economics.[1] In addition, the still-new nation's future was literally mortgaged to French banks in the 1820s as it was forced to make massive reparations to French slaveholders in order to end French aggression, permanently affecting Haiti's economy and wealth.[2]

Black is Beautiful

Here is a model I spotted over at VougeBlack

This young ladies name is Tolula Adeyemi click the link too find out more about her...

About her:

Not only she is a party girl, she is also a Dj and loves reading poetry in restaurants such as the Bistrotheque in London. She is a member of theatre company Dream Think Speak and creates her characters taking inspiration from the fashion world. She has inherited her sense of style from her mother, who now pushes her to pursue her acting career. Dustin Hoffman notices her after the audition for Last Chance Harvey (2008). Dustin even threatens to leave the set if Tolula is not cast. But producers have already chosen her after hearing her sing Summertime.

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Black Poetry

The Last Poets on Def Poetry

Black Music

My man @DayDog twittered this battle a few days ago i figure you would enjoy it.

Black Comedy


Richard goes to the Cantina


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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Empire of the Son

New Week new adventure kids.

Check this dope interview with my Dj People Rhettmatic

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Drake posted a feet on the floor flick from the ALL STAR GAME

I dont know about you, but i really really enjoy LOST..its such a great show, beacuse it makes some sort of sense but its great TV because as soon as you think you know, you are reminded by a Smoke Monster or an ghostly aparition of an old cast memeber will bring you to the edge of your seat and remind you that you are really have not idea what the hell is going on. Wow Def Jam signed shine again and he has HIPHOPsince1979 as his management, I guess they think he will be bigger than the song he makes about Puffy and Jenny from the block. There will be chickens that will come to roost , over that situation. Shyne did his bid and AmeriKKKa martyered SHYNE by deporting him which endeared him so many deportees around the world..(great move INS).

Here is some Hip Hop for you

Sean Price

Here is some more BackPack ish

MOSDOOM - Mos Def put on a doom mask and did some shows,

Some Throwback

"Cosbyesque "Huxtable" Dunks

(FREEDOWNLOAD) - DJ DOO WOP - True Blends....


01. Doo Wop – Jigsaw Intro
02. Akon & Beanie Sigel – Locked Up Scarfaces
03. Jay-Z – I Need A Song
04. Mary J Blige & 2pac – Don’t Cry
05. 50 Cent & Zapp & Roger – Computer Club
06. Kool G Rap & Nas – Rising Too Fast
07. Beyonce & 50 Cent – Pimpreplaceable
08. The Notorious B.I.G., Foxy Brown & Case – Lets Get It On Poppa
09. Jay-Z, Nas & Marvin Gaye – Believe
10. The Notorious B.I.G., & Nas – The Battle That Never Happened


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Happy Love day if thats in your cards...if not


Here is love lost Carmen Ortega (im hungry for Tacos) goes and gives us the Jumpoff version of cribs....i would jump on and off of that all day!!

Sexy Fail

thanks Jmarkx

Loon Freeway Jack Frost in Saudia Arabia

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Hes been claimed

Finally Friday

Check out this J.Dilla Documentary

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Call Me - Joell Ortiz

Wu Tang Doc

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WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Calm before the Storm TEXT YELE 501501..

Todays SMH section goes to the space chicks...

Space Chicks are in....

I like chicks with Tats...

Space chicks are in....

Tuesdays throwback

Oldschool hiphop Doc...Pt1

Nike Summer Lineup

Vince Carter went off last night 48pts nice.

Tuesdays throwback

Oldschool hiphop Doc...Pt2&3

pt 3

Space Chicks are in.....

For all you dj out there here is the new hotness...

Rane 68 Mixer....Buku Bucks....

Check this funny clip dedicated to Yeezee

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Do you remember when hip hop was golden, i guess that's a matter of region and age because Soulja Boy could have made a classic too you. For me this was classic material...classic moment...Craig G free styling....fresh with juice crew venom.."your not the one with hazel contacts".I LOVE HIPHOP....

Craig G 1992

Craig G - U R Not the 1

Of course

The Symphony...

Marley Marl Feat. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane

And when battling was battling for me

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Black History Month

I love Black People cause black people are me.....

Black Music...Musica Negra..

Check out my boy Don Ron


Pharoe Monche, Stlyes P, Skyzoo

Styles, P, Jadakiss, and Pharoahe Monch @ Highline Ballroom nyc from Mikey Fresh on Vimeo.