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The late Great Fela

Fela Anikulapo Kuti /fe'læ ænɪku'læpo 'kutɪ/ (15 October 1938–2 August 1997), or simply Fela /fe'læ/, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, pioneer of afrobeat music, human rights activist, and political maverick.[1]

13% of america is black. Just a random fact i came across.

Had a chance to check out FELA the musical recently. It was a very entertaining show. If you're not familiar with FELA he was a Nigerian musician who is credited as creating a sound called Afrobeat. He came to America in 1969 and was influenced by the Black Power Movement and James Browns crys of "Im Black and I'm Proud. He was deported out of the U.S by the INS cause he and his band were performing without work permits. When he returned to Nigera, he and his newly named band Africa 70 started to realse music that was critical of the Nigeral military government. This didnt go to well he was arrested over 200 times (talk about profiling). Anyway this dudes music inspired the people of Nigeria cause he was calling of the people to fight back.

You can read more about FELA here

The play was great, lighting , music, vibe, and mixed drinks to enhance the spirit. The dancers were amazing and strong and fluid like a waterfall of movement. The actor who played Fela, did a great job bringing forth the spirit of Fela. My pretty lady by myside i could not ask for a better night. Capped it off at the Blue Water Grill for an early dinner had the was a GUDnight

"Fish which is my favorite dish"


The cast of FELA on Colbert!

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Fela Live

We also celebrated the passing of The Notorius BIG....jesus the notorius

Cant for get the kid...

Here is the link to the
MARCH 9th collection created by J.Period


He also has been doing a very creative blend with Video Music Box Ralph McDaniels combining Bigs videos with J.Periods blends. Check these out

Download File:

J.Period & Ralph McDaniels f. The Notorious B.I.G. - "Hypnotize (March 9 Video Remix)" from Truelements Music on Vimeo.

More Fela


Applaude the sister...cause she was mean chick in that movie.

Samuel Jackson is special this is his face after Monique won her Oscar

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