Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Man today was one of those days that, i wished i was on a beach with a drink in hand, instead life's a beach and i cant get a hand! But as always "On to the next one".......

I cannot wait for LOST tonight, its sad that there is only two episodes left but at least i wont be attached to any T.V show anymore.

Big shout to all friends of mine that got older this month (Big Up All TAURUS MASSIVE) there are too many of y'all to name. Life is as boring as the plains in Iowa and unpredictable like a tornado popping out of the air causing havoc. I had a lucky day yesterday and I am not in pain so like Ice Cube would say it was a "good day"

Since we riding out check this video.

vicked form NAHRIGHT

Just Blaze talks about the remix...I posted this because , there was a time when Bonita Applebaum

was remixed and the remix was a whole different sound and song,

or even Buddy by De La Soul had a real remix.

and this one i dedicate to all those ladies especially my X cause she liked cake....

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