Sunday, May 23, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Whats up world the Guds Speaking from the moon!

Another lazy Sunday.

I had a great Friday night got to celebrate with a good friend Tahero, for his birthday with his eclectic crowd of friends. Its has been a while since i spun in the city, I totally forget the randomness of life , that is displayed Friday nights in NY city. Party Boys and Drunk and high girls.......

a muscle relaxer later.......


Summer slowly approaches and New York becomes the pressure cooker. I am still trying to process the season finale of LOST. It left me like why did i watch this show for six years again? I really appreciate every episode up until the last four hours of the show. If jack was holding on too life, what was everything else a bad LSD trip or Jacks nirvana? I knew it would leave me with questions and higher expectation for any T.V showed that followed, that's why heroes and FlashForward was cancelled, they both had interesting concepts but they could not replicate the symbiotic relationships that the LOST ensemble had. T.V and Movies and videos all suck these days. Its all cheap reality and fake Utopian scenarios, Books, T.V if not biographical should take you to a place you cant imagine and only get a glimpse on the screen, once a week. That's what Lost gave me once a week some new adventure, in a place i will never be.....until it was all about jack dying..about all of them dying....or against dying but still being around and holding on.....anyway thanks LOST for giving me some gudtv!!

Been trying to teach myself this Logic 9...its giving me grief i have found allot of useful information on to learn from so Mondays will be Music Mondays for awhile, i hope that get some helpful hints ill post Garageband and Logic for Macs first then we will move on to other programs. But before we get all technorific, this is the perfect tour bus

Here is a beginners Logic SFLOGICninja

OK just to be cheesy here is how to make autotune

Check this out......

Favela On Blast - Official Trailer from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

vicked from

Now this right here is some epic hiphop visual comic .... feat SUPER DP

GreenGhost DOOM Invasion from Terrence on Vimeo. know what it is!!!

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