Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Jay Electronica speakes his mind...

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These damn CAVS, I dont believe they are selling out like this. Just came from a Law and Order shoot, went to check a friend...it made me sick with envy. When you can work a place and love what you do it is the best expierence. Everytime i turn on a late night show im seeing more and more of Queen Latifah promoting her new movie with Common, prob wont catch me going to that movie in a theater near you anytime soon, unless the misses needs a date night. Big shout dj RPM....I see you hustling! I watched Lost tonight and as much as i love that show, and i knew that the show wouldnt give me every answer, but a light the light in the world, "this little light of mine, im gonna let it shine"....Please dont make me hate the show in the last three episodes arghhhh. Anyway im contemplating going to see that Augst Wilson's Play starrirng Denzel Washington. I will let you know if its worth the money.

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