Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ahhhhh feels good to touch my computer and talk to the world, as i have said before i have a life and this bloggery buggery, is not the end or beginning of my life. I just enjoy writting my thoughts out, some of it it random thoughts, sometimes i like to give you something new and interesting to think about. It hasn't been since i was 18 that i anxiously want to go to a hip-hop show. All i will say is "Rock The Bells". The NBA season is wrappipng up, and i have totally enjoyed these playoffs. Two established franchises going back and forth no real edge, and it comes down to the last possible game.....I thank you NBA gods

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The earth is still bleeding. BP step up!

I want to fight this dude!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010



this is a pretty good song from T.I, its from his new movie TAKERS

I haven listened to Drake to give you my opinion but even though i have it i will download it from Itunes just because I'm an artist and thats how i do you should also support "the artist". These artist for the most part are doing something they love and providing the public, some means of escape from daily life. A beat and rhythm to move too. Let me know if the roots picinic was popping?

Amanda Diva...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


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Nice hot Saturday weatherman just told me its may rain later, the urban jungle the tropical rain, i love my city. Even though the lakers cruised to a victory i really think the Celtics will win, im ripped down the middle trying to find a team to root for. On one hand I live on the east, and since my choice the Cavs got knocked out by default i usually root for the east. The problem arises this year because of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish,Danny Ainge,Dennis Johnson, Bill Walton now these old stiffs are not playing but they are the embryo of my hate everything sports related to Boston trifecta (Patriots,Celtics,RED SOX)
Now i do respect and recognize talent and this current Boston team has three of my favorite basketball players Kevin Garnett, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Rahseed "Mr.Techincal" Wallace. So these athelets i admire play for my sworn enemy, aarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!! Hey i could roll with my West Coast crew, in the 80-90's i had years that i had a ton of love for the lakers Magic years, Shaq years...then the Black mamba slithered on the scene and messed it all up for me. I mean the kid is entertaining point blank. However he did spill on more than himself when he got arrested, and that is not respectable at all. Now if you have follow this site at all you know i always #DefendQueens so with Odom and Artest queens kids playing on the team its difficult not to want queens to get a ring, and similarites of Jordan, Pippen, Rodman to Kobe, Odom, Artest are to hard to ignore. I will give it one more game and if the Celtics get blown out then basketball season will officially be over, and move thoughts will be on how many season packages for the Knicks i will get with or without Bron Bron.

I still Hate the Celtics!

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World Cup ish.....

Eminem goes in

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Friday, June 4, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Beats Rhymes Life Radio 6/3/2010

Friday is my day. Last night was a cool show. Had to broadcast from our sister station WRPM but its still all good. I would like to introduce you to Brooklyn's own F.T.

I happen to have seen him when i was on tour with the X-ecutioners during the Eminem tour, he came thru last night with Kandy man and held the mic down.


Featuring F.T

BeatsRhymesLife 6/3/10pt2 - Broadcast your self LIVE