Thursday, July 1, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. Pardon Jack Johnson

I went to a screening of PBS's "Unforgivable Blackness" at the tribeca grand tonight with my boy Tahero, they were showing in honor of the 100th anniversary of the late great Jack Johnson pugilist elites "Battle of the Century". The first heavy weight boxing champ that was African American, but before being African American he was "The Rebel to America" and all of its wicked and racist reckless ways. I had only been in the Tribeca Grand twice for parties i had no idea that there was a theater down stairs, small and comfortable probably seats fifty or sixty people. When i was invited i was hesitant because i had some left over seafood that i was trying to get home and eat and relax and wait for all of the trades to happen, but I am glad that T invited me out. The documentary runs about 4 hours but we only saw the first hour of it and i witnessed the last one being sold as i was walking to buy the DVD that they had on sale, I say all of that to say that was how good the doc was.

Jack Johnson was a boxer who rubbed every racist taunt thrown at him with a scouring pad he called fist against his white opponents faces. He single handily gave those enslaved and kidnapped and oppressed a vision of hope in the 1900's, and he did it with a smile on it. I strongly suggest that you do the knowledge on the Great Jack Johnson

Real Hip Hop still lives in N.Y, I knew this would be a zoo, and I'm not an animal. I stopped long time ago packing in to clubs to see artist, but the venue treats you like cows and then let the joint be over capacity, then its a death trap and you standing for hours to see an artist, that may not give a good show. I knew this would be a great show but fuck that, it is way too hot in NY right now to be packed in Club Sauna. I will catch the you tube version...

The summer is here and i cant believe that its the4th of July Independence day weekend already, its the beginning of the end of summer....

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