Saturday, July 17, 2010


I love the summer, and this year it is hot as the devils vagina, if gods a woman why not the devil?

This devil is pissing on emcees worldwide... this is prob the second song i have listened to from YelaWolf but from what i hear, he is spitting that shit. Its not always what a emcee says that makes them dope some times it just delivery. This kid delivers check out YelaWolf with Travis Barker on drums.....

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My family reunion is today, but damn its hot and i dont feel like fucking with this heat (i dont know if i would have made it in the fields, I think i would have been the slave that fucked the masters wife while he was in the fields rapping my sister (just saying). Nat Turner just rolled over in his grave...


I always gotta rep for the hood, but its always a pleasure to see kids grow

Consequence feat Styles P

Dont stand so close

The Repo Men - The Family

Paul Cain went in that's why i posted this...

"The Family" Repo Men (Ransom, Bravo, and Paul Cain) from Paper View Media on Vimeo.

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I read the book BMF The rise and fall of Big Meech, it was a pretty good essay/story about the rise and fall of the Black Mafia Family...and street crew/label that tried to do it the good ole American way. I initially read the book to figure out who these dudes were because i remember having a conversation with a friend, and he seemed shocked that Meech got locked up. Once i read the book it was like oh now i see why you were concerned (street shit should stay in the street) that's all i can say. I definitely would recommend this book if you have some spare change and little time. TIMEISMONEY

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Black Mafia Family
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Black Mafia Family

Leader Meech (in green) and 2nd in command J-Bo
Founded Late 1980's; "BMF" name given around the year 2000.
In Southwest Detroit, Michigan
Years active 4-5 years as BMF
Territory California, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee
Ethnicity African-American
Membership Over 150 members indicted thus far, estimated total membership at peak over 400
Criminal activities Drug trafficking, money laundering, murder (none included in indictment)
Allies Crips gang; also associated with Campanella Park Piru (Bloods set)
The Black Mafia Family (BMF), was a multi-million dollar drug trafficking organization originally from Detroit, Michigan, with direct links to Mexican based drug-trafficking cartels[1] and with major hubs in Atlanta and Los Angeles, that in 2000 dove into the world of hip-hop music and entertainment, successfully promoting not only Young Jeezy but also BMF Entertainment's sole artist, Bleu DaVinci. Founders Demetrius and Terry would ultimately be convicted of running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise and sentenced to 30 years to life.[2]

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