Sunday, August 8, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD. HIm just happy to be here

I am a little perturbed that my favorite blog hasn't been up for a while, but i am sure that he will return in full force soon enough. I took a writing class recently just review sentence structure and to remember what i forgot from fifth grade. I picked up the new Capone and Noriega album The War report part 2, it is pretty good. its not messing with the original but seldom does a sequel maintain or over achieve when it comes to hype, quality, and overall excitement that the first album created. For the summer i have to say that Rick Ross and CNN fulfilled that need for gud(sic) street music.

This right here is a great song and video peep the remix...

Window seat...

and of course

Junior Mafia - Get Money

Yeah life is better when you have money thats a fact of life. It does not make life happier but it makes the standard of living better and everything else is just part of a trickle down effect. Its good that Kanye is on Twitter as he says it humanizes the whole aura


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Anonymous said...

Could be the most influential read that I have read all week??