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Wow what a great experience to enjoy the Rock The Bells Concert this past weekend in NY. It was my first time to Governors island, at least i have my sea legs from my many trips to Staten Island cause the ferry was rocking like the minnow. The island is an old abandon army base. The concert was on the field and it was hot like being in a cotton field. The main stage and the Paid dues stage were set up on opposite ends so if you chose to hear some up and coming artist like Jedi Mind Tricks or Brother Ali you were in no rush to walk what felt like 5 blocks in the sun to see whoever was on the main stage.
I started my journey on a funny note as i am about to go thru security and i have vodka in my water bottle and rolled blunts in the brim of my hat, i have to turn around and chug the vodka cause it was in an open bottle. Nice!!!! i start off with a buzz; they had two security checks as i go thru the second one the hat being in my bag leapt to freedom and its passengers jumped for safety, thankfully they dont pay those event security guys enough to notice the little details like my perfectly rolled blunts on the floor. I scooped them up in my hat and kept it moving Hurdle one avoided. When you get off the boat the walk to the main field where the concert was held, was a chain fence walk-way similar to what you see in prisons, it was a little ominous considering you were also walking past abandoned building that were used to house the military, but the were the same building you would consider projects anywhere else. If it were not for the amount of white people around me i would have thought this was some sort of Tuskegee trap.
Finally at the gate take my ticket out and POW another security check, thankfully i grew up in the time where they had just started to use metal detectors, otherwise i wouldn't have like 15 different stash options at all times. Beat that security check and the party is on though the gates i walk and The God emcee is on the stage Rakim....Now my only thing i need to do is hook up with my boys JMarkx and Teknision oh by the way that will be my theme all night) Rakim is on the mic and you know i got soul. If your were like me and you went out there early you knew that sun was going to be a factor. I knew by 8 or 9 it would be over for most of the early goers that sun was a killer. So after Rakim finishes his performance, its time to light up!!! and thankfully NYPD was 420 friendly this day. I literally saw people sparking up feet from the boyz in in the immortal words of Ice Cube "it was a good day"

The biggest fail for the day was phone service. You would have had to keep your phone on roam to get any service on the island it was like using you phone in the middle of the dessert. This was the main reason i did not get to link with my peoples, but as i roamed around i ran into so many heads i never felt alone. Big shout to Doug @fludwatches got to chop it up with him and his lady about LOST. Big shout out to J.Period i ran into him and he provided me with extra credentials so i could get into all of the VIP areas with A/C...that was a god send.

As the night progressed and Artists after artist ripped it was time to get to the meat of the show. Ms.Hill came on and did her thing, i heard allot of complaints how everything in her set was sped up and done at different tempos than the original songs, but for me she was just a musician doing things her way. Most memorably was when she sang "Zion" and she had her children come to the stage the oldest being Zion who is 13 and she says that she cant believe its been so long. But it has to speak to why she didn't want to do the same songs she has been doing since 1997. THe highlight of her show , was the people that came out to see her perform, on the side of the stage was celebrity couple row Jay&Beyonce and Swizz&Alicia, Mary&Kendu, John Legend(place model here) and Chris Rock. It was great to see New York artist coming out to see and make it a moment in hip hop history.


Next up to the stage was A Tribe Called Quest..."Queens Represent" The last time i had seen tribe together as a full group with Jarobi, was Howard University when the Low End Theory dropped...So i knew the feeling i had at that show was special. I only could dream that i would come close to that feeling @RocktheBells...I got off the stush shit and went deep into the crowd pressed between one dude my age and surrounded by the new breed of hip hopper. Tribe performed Midnight Marauders in its entirety in sequence order. Of course they started it off with the female digital host "hello" in living digital flesh she was on the screen behind Tribe leading you on this musical journey...

A Tribe Called Quest

Heres Busta rhymes with the scenario....Watch


I will let Dallas Penn do the Wrap up for me...

Rock The Belles from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Wu-Tang Clan

Seeing Wu perform was some sort of musical cleansing some real good rugged hip hop

Shame on a Ni**ga

Verbal Intercourse in D.C This is the only thing that would have made the show any better if Nas had shown up for the NY show, but at least the footage from this classic song will do. My dude Datwon had said this to me when we were watching the show "like what if Nas had come out and did his Jawns"

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