Monday, October 4, 2010


Another Manic Monday is on us. Time to overload on coffee and annoying co-workers. This was a weird weekend, more like a weekend of Deja Vu. I like to enjoy life to the fullest, sometimes i take risks to enhance the thrill. I really cant explain it but the regular bores me. So this weekend i took some risks and it made me feel allot better, those little moments of risk that raise the adrenalin levels get me through until the next adventure. Yes i know i am being vague so you can say it may have bordered on illegal. Taking these risks at this age makes no sense but i don't have the same sensibilities as the average person. When i finally rest i want to remember all of the good times and to be sure i left it all out there on the floor. Its all about trying to excel and live to your fullest potential (sorry for the Les Brown moment. Enjoy your day and have a great week lets go.

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