Friday, November 12, 2010


DALLAS is a genius.....

There really isn't any way i think i could dig, this guys music. I really think this is all due to the fact i like a more aggressive music, a darker moodier movement of music. I do believe he fills a niche that we should not ever take the peddle off. I really remember those old androgynous rock big hair groups as a kid and only having a hour or two a day of hip hop on the radio in NY. It wasn't too long ago that people that dressed like him and didn't really look like him ran the airwaves of MTV and Hip Hop was local black music. Now its not out of the ordinary for Afro Punk or The Black Green Day-ish  group comes out of the ghetto. So sing young man sing your song, but i have to thank DALLAS of DALLASPENN.COM for providing me with friday follies.

Check out the Unofficial BONE GRISSLE visual for


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