Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Vote or Die The politico war has begun

Hello good people of America. These damn politicians are always at odds with each other. They feed us treacherous and apocalyptic sermons as to why we should vote for them, and put them in power. Nine times out of 10 they are only hoping to further their political standings and increase the trust fund for their kids. Cant blame a person for trying to buy more groceries, but the reality is no matter who we pick its the same song from either side. I will admit that the Tea Party scares me, it seems that they are those Americans that dream of the days of segregation and enslavement that their grandparents and great grandparents where able to prosper in. I wonder how different and progressive AmeriKKKa would be if there was not this institutionalized racism in our country.   was at the Staten Island Ferry earlier this week, and Carl Paladino was "Shaking hands and Kissing babies" at the terminal. He shook the person next to me on the rights hand, then he went to the person on my left and he shook their hand. I thought to myself at first who is this guy and when it hit me all at once, i could not believe that he had just skipped over me and didn't shake my hand. I went on a twitter and Facebook rant at the time, and im still salty about it. I can only thank the devil for acting like the devil. His greatest trick was make us believe he  doesnt exist. Not that i thought Paladino should shake my hand but sometimes i get comfortable and forget that America is defined by color and stereotypes. Well today is the one day that we get to somewhat voice our opinion, and today is the day that will keep those stupid primaries flyers coming to my mailbox.  You may not go out and vote today and that is your perogative, but you onlyhave one oppurtunity to make a change, and that oppurtunity is open today from 7am - 7pm. Chat with you suckas later.......

Here is a boring clip of Beanie going in on the Where im from beat. I always like the verse, it was classic cause he was about to do a bid, and it lent itself to a more dramatic scenario about beans going to jail. I guess this was supposed to be the visual that never came out,  because its kinda boring...the funny thing is the cop in the video actually looks scared.  Now as i take another listen to the lyrics in this verse and the added Choke No Joke clip that kinda gives you a perspective on the manner that Beans carried himself. And listening to Beans say "Jay better visit me" it kind of seems there is not a real recognition of chain of command in his thought process.  It doesn't really matter now since these artist no longer work  with each other, but its wack to see a dynasty crumble.....

Choke No Joke

Damon Dash speaks his mind on the Roc

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