Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Women Weather Weed..Welcome to Barbados!!

Off on another trip. Barbados the island paradise. Its been about 8 years since i have been here and it is just as beautiful. Some people go to Mecca for spiritual revival. This is my personal temple of peace. When i left NY it was in the 30 and flurries...I could not have been happier to step of the flight onto the tarmac and there be 88 degree heat burning me. The familiar smell of Palm trees and sugarcane waifed under my nose as we drove through the "Pretty Streets" as my Godmother calls the trip from the airport. I walked the strip on the south shore last night so i can get lay of the land, but i didn't really do much besides get a great nights sleep, and was prodded awake by sun rays the strength of lasers peeking into my window to say hello. Its time to hit a beach and get a "sea bath".

6pm 25 celsius my time,just woke up from a Caesars salad, flying fish sandwich, Ju-Cee fueled coma..after spending two beautiful hours on the beach, I couldn't be luckier!  There is allot of new development and allot skeletons of old resorts that have died.  Its time to figure out what Gud food to eat tonight!

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