Friday, December 10, 2010

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Women Weather Weed..Welcome to Barbados 2

7;26 pm and all i can wonder about is what my cell phone bill will look like, and what part of my body that i will have to sell  to pay it off.  Very long and beautiful day. After our dip in the crystal clear sea water we left Hastings and head towards Bridgetown, Barbados We decided to pass the first bus stop or cab stand and walk up highway 7 so i could snap some photos.  Even though the sun had its high beams on we just trekked and snapped up every little beautiful scene that we saw.

The walk revealed a magical pastel world that was a mix of British 1700's and modern design. Its like walking though a really old town that has wi-fi and cable. As car zoomed by these very small roads not built with these many vehicles in mind, you could here hip-hops' influence as songs like Kanyes -"runaway"  of Barbados' own Rhinanna came out the speakers.  

The one thing i love about this place, is that there is still a level of innocence and purity seldom found in todays society. The officers dont have weapons, if your lost you will be able to find someone to help you. Dont get me wrong there are ASSHOLES (shout out to the bus driver who didn't tell me to get off , even though i asked where a certain stop was, and i had only gotten on two stops before! Big shout to the helpful lady who rang the bell and let me know that the dumb bus driver went past my stop....) 

10:00 am 12/10/2010
Just got back from a earl dip in the ocean as my lady kicked me out this morning to  get her nails done from the traveling manicurist Keisha Corbin @keishacorbs (women will always work out a manicure and pedicure SMH even in barbados) for the ladies that read my blog she got MINX nails 

Another day in the ocean and the sun.  I spent yesterday evening with my grandmother, she has such a lively spirit even though these are her golden years. It has been at least eight years since i visited last (fail on my part)...She got too meet Ms.Grape Dutchess which completes the cycle just in case she doesn't make my wedding whenever/where-ever that will be.  She lives in "Deacons Farm" and the best description i could give would be a "tropical 40 projects" without the crackheads. Its difficult to describe that its the ghetto even though i am sure the average income in the neighborhood has to be at poverty level. Everyone seem to be nice but you can feel the element of criminality when you drive by and see boys hanging out doing nothing looking for trouble. But hey every where its the same thing. When i was younger i thought this has to be the most gangster place on the Island. Last night i was corrected...I went though a hood called "Nelson" and that was the closest thing to the old "5th ward" in New Orleans that i have seen. My tour guide through the hood was a Dred so i knew i had the powers of Jah on my side. So i didn't worry about getting jacked, hopefully i can go back and get some photos for you. (420 = Jam 420= Vinny) 

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