Friday, December 30, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD... Dub-Dozen...the land of the unexpected.

(check out how many tiny drawing are in this picture)

Wow so the end of the year is here. If 2012 is really the time the world will end, i better get on my three goals. Win the lottery , run a marathon, and star in a movie. I hope that your holidays were safe and you were surrounded by the people that love you. Took sometime to charge my mental battery and drain my bank account making other people happy..that "better to give than receive" train of thought sometimes rings true and for me this Christmas. I like to thank my lovely lady for making my holiday special. I got to eat allot of great holiday food, i dont think i could eat another cookie or a piece of cake.

Watching these initial NBA games that are slightly sloppy is gratifying. It was getting scary thinking i may have to actually learn the rules of Hockey in my desperate need for a winter sport to occupy my inner athlete. The Jets pretty much shat their season away, so the NBA season and the constant reminder of how to not take life seriously; when i hear the announcers say "META WORLD PEACE" #DefendQueens

So lets start with a bit of what i dont think there was enough of this year....I came across an article about a movie called "The Black Power Mixtape". Then without ever telling her, the misses puts it on Netflix on Christmas day. This was an inspiring film that i recommend.


How much drama did these kicks create? The Jordan XI "the Concorde" had cats killing each other like it was 93 all over again. Here is one of the original sketches of the prototype of the kick.

Vicked form HypeBeast

of course my brother DallasPenn was in the streets as always.

I Blame Nike...


to be continued...


50 Cent came out with a project called the BIG 10. He has been releasing videos like wild fire, here are a few i like.

"Off and On"

I just wanna feat Tony Yayo

Nah Nah Nah feat Yayo

I thought this was the "Fortress of Solitude"

Thursday, December 22, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Winter storm? . I Do

Its a balmy 62 degrees at 10:52pm on December 21,2011 in New York. Who would have thought the weather would be this grand? Yeah just got finished listening to the delux version of the jeezy album. I will give it an 8 in todays ever exhausting mix of album and mixtape compilation flooding the market. Out of all of the December releases Common, Kendrick Lamar, Mobb Deep, 50's the Big Ten, Mary's #Mylife2, Action Bronson and Static Selecta, The only one that didnt raise my pulse even a bit.....Vado's Slime Flu....Cant win them all...these are the albums i have rotated to get some sort of inspirational vibe off of lately.

Jeezy dropped a documentary to go with his album


Tuesday, November 29, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD.....The Don Cheadle of this Blog ish!!

Just crazy how so much time has passed by, another year is done. Even though the weather in N.Y has made November enjoyable, it was 70 yesterday. I am sure Jack Frost is plotting of a comeback. Definitly glad to see Herman Cain is slaying himself with ll of these women saying he is abuser and playboy. Never like to see a black man slandered for political gain, but i could do without him in the race confusing the image of a strong Black Man.

#THROWBACK "I Luh Huh" - Akinyele

This song caused so much controversy when it cam out, that they didnt release it. Im glad someone found it. Just like Yezee said "aint no one plan to be a parent in the hood"

My brother from another mother DJ MARKX dropped this mix for the underground.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD.....The interlude #GUDMUSIC

DOnt worry i havent left you i am just chilling for a second.

Until then hold this...


Action Bronson & Static Selecta

Mobb Deep with a nice new gritty grimy visual

Mobb Deep - Dead Mans Shoes from DanTheMan on Vimeo.

Monday, November 7, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD.....The Devil is in the details..

The Devil in the details...


I saw this and thought it was interesting. A little cookie left by an italian artist in one of his paintings. He painted a devil in the clouds, in a picture dedicated to a saint. I attached a link so that you can read more if you are interested.

Read more here

Jackson Pollock

Paul Jackson Pollock (January 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956), known as Jackson Pollock, was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. During his lifetime, Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety. He was regarded as a mostly reclusive artist. He had a volatile personality, and struggled with alcoholism for most of his life. In 1945, he married the artist Lee Krasner, who became an important influence on his career and on his legacy.

Here is a dope lingerie commercial by Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Soiree 2011 from Agent Provocateur on Vimeo.

Monday, October 31, 2011 aka THEGUDWORD...Trick or Treat Bitches

The first cold Monday of the year. It also happens to be Halloween. There never feels like enough hours in a weekend. Those days off that I plan to do so much, but I only end up doing a little. I must say one of the primary reasons I end up vegetating is my playstation3 steals my time. Particularly I blame a war game called Socom a 3rd person shooter. Currently Socom 4 has stolen my life force. I sit and play this game relentlessly, at the same time beating myself up because I am not doing something more artistic and productive. Every young man has a bit if video gaming in him, some of us take it serious. Now I'm not sitting at home playing games and bills still need to be paid. It's not that serious, I still enjoy a full life and enjoy other types of entertainment. I'm just saying a chunk of my time I'm in the battlefields killing in 8 vs 8 or 16 vs 16.i guess this is the reason why I am retuning this new batman game lol the commercial looked great, but I cannot add another device to make me more of a couch potato. I didn't really have a chance to post much last week internets. I will close out the year with more dope content more music.


WATCH THE THRONE TOUR ATL (i saw footage that was closer to the artist i just felt this one captured the feeling of being there and enjoying the fancy light show)

Friday, October 28, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Hanging with a porn star!!!!


Check this collaborative effort by Danny Brown and Black Milk

Black Milk and Danny Brown - Black and Brown EP by BLACK MILK

I like this jawn right here. V.A Stand Up

Thursday, October 27, 2011 aka TheGudWord....No Church for a Non-Believer

I go out seldom, (by choice) to quote Kanye "You would be lucky that I showed up to this fake shit" . Not that I'm jaded but if it's not in another country with some other people, I been there done that. So last night was special, it was one of those feel good nights. Last night at B.B Kings there was party thrown in memory of Roc Raida at Brooklyn Bowl. It was really cool to hang with the fellas i use to tour with, got to reconnect with an old buddy Joe Fatal of 'Live at the BBQ' fame. Anyway check some of the photos and see if you werent there you should have been!!!


I think this will be the concept they use to build flying cars, or at least one kick ass tyco car racing set.

Roc Raida Tribute @ Brooklyn Bowl




Roc Raidas Daughter Ny-Raida

DJ Neil Armstrong

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Street King

Another day on the grind. I am
Writing this as I surf down the Hudson on the Staten Island ferry. It's a bit chilly but a couple are on the outside deck of the boat, hugging and kissing (I'll assume they are tourist) taking pictures to the disgust of us daily commuters. I believe there is a collective thought at the moment of "Get a room, pls"!!!!

So it seems that we won't be having a NBA basketball season this year. Slowly but surely the commissioner has been cutting away at the schedule. They ate really going to make me into a hockey fan SMH.

Check out this 50 Cent commercial for street king feat Money Mayweather and Mike Tyson.


My Brother Creature released this dope EP called "Chester Himes" that I think you should check out. I dropped the free download link below. I'll hyperlink it later. I am
Actually posting from the Blogger App on my 4s, but I can't figure out how to hyper link it.

Creature – Chester Himes EP (Prod. by Prefuse 73 / MOD021)

in New York City, there’s three landmarks that every tourist inadvertently has to see: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Creature. Rapper, published author and innovator of street salesmanship, Creature’s spot in Hip-Hop’s birthplace is one that every person winds up visiting. Originally one third of Beatnuts-produced 90s outfit The Triflicts, Creature rose to infamy by riding a self-propelled one man campaign picking up where New York legend Percee-P left off. After appearing everywhere from MF Doom’s album to a Tony Hawk video game, he self-released 2005’s Never Say Die, an album considered alongside Legendary Status and The Prelude as an underground hand-to-hand classic that featured collaborations with indie-rap darlings Slug (of Atmosphere), Jin (of the Ruff Ryders) and Busdriver (of Project Blowed). While the attention-garnering guest list was unlike anything the New York underground had ever heard, it was Creature himself whose East Coast Goodie Mob mentality made for a layered professional sounding release that sounded like nothing else in the independent Hip-Hop marketplace.
leading to Creature performing in Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Spain, Scotland, Germany and This new found international exposure set the stage for Creature to conquer yet another medium.

Released in 2007, The Underdog Manifesto was the first of its kind – not just a music industry “How-to” book, but one that explain “How-to” do it all yourself. Being one who practices what he preaches, Creature then began booking his own bi-monthly concert series, the appropriately-titled The Coffee Grind, that not only allowed him to perform but give exposure to his fellow local acts alongside a showcase of such respected Hip-Hop legends as Camp Lo, Just Ice and Sadat X of Brand Nubian. Soon New York’s best kept secret became its crown jewel with coverage in The Village Voice, Juice Magazine and even The New York Times.

After performing around the world with such artists as Immortal Technique, Little Brother, Anti-pop Consortium, and Kool Keith, Creature has honed his live show to stand head-and-shoulders next to any touring act in the business today.

Chester Himes

Saturday, October 22, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Golden Arms..

Another so called "Evil Dictator" has been disposed.

How vividly he demise was broadcast step by step. The Psy-games that are being played are impressive. Any leader that witnesses the another leader that they have probablly sponsered or had dinner with; being dragged through the streets to their death. How worrisome it must make them? I am sure Irans Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or any other world leader

has to worry when he will get his reality T.V moment. America is doing what it has to do to remain a super-power. i think they have been covertly destabilizing countries they have philosophical differences with. It makes sense, when a country is politically unstable, then there is less chance they will be able to plot and plan against the U.S.A.

Hmmm anyway thats a little political science moment, off to more mundane but entertaining things, and as always i would to thank you for taking the time to check my page out. Without you there is no me!


Here is a little interview with Darrel Revis on ESPN...that went wrong..why do these talk show non athletic folks like to pontificate (i personally hate that word) and opinion-ate? And badger people to agree with their views...HATERS>..


Big Nas What is it? 20yrs....feat Common and Mos Def



check out more at

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....GudMusic...

Here here the gangs all here...This is what i call real emcees emceeing...

Check out SlaughterHouse , YelaWolf , and "The Boss" Eminem go in at the B.E.T awards...


he took it too the hood.

Nas - "Nasty" Music Video ( from Nasir Jones on Vimeo.

Somemore GUDMUSIC by me.


The gladiator (rmx) by gudtyme

Take your Heart - Gudtyme BMI

Take your heart by gudtyme

I am against watching previews; but you should suffer from my OCD. Check out the trailer for the Avengers movie.

Friday, October 7, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Flyday Freshness...

Flyday freshness...

Man them damn Jankees went and lost to Detroit, #BOO what a fail, Money cant always by you wins. Please please please trade A-Rod. Not that i dont like him and dont think he is a great baseball player but he has not performed up to the amount of his contract. Anyway Steve Jobs passed away , since i have a few apple products i hope that this doesnt diminish the innovation, that the company has displayed with technology. I am glad Sarah Palin choose not to run, it would have been another embarssing year of the public picking her apart. Obama our fearless leader seems too be losing the faith of T.V land, but in the hood i know who will get the vote. Alright off to bigger and better things like fashion music and art......

SFU - Sneaker Fiends Unite

My Brother Dallas Penn came thorugh and spoke about  the

#occupywallstreet movement.


Plus he blessed a brother with some illy vintage Andre Aggasi NIKE air-tech-challenge

Beyonce and her people killed this video, top to bottom choreography, theme styling, treatment. very #nice


Beat Treats...Take your heart....

Take your heart by gudtyme


Fresh from fashion week Hermes collection

Camel hair flow

I guess turtlenecks are coming back

vicked from GQ

Thursday, October 6, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD...He got so much soul he dont need no music.

I was in a funky type of mood today not bad just downhomecookingfriedchickenwaermelonsideoftheroadfunk


Al Green before the grits....

Bill Withers "Aint No Sunshine"

White funk

Petula Clark "Downtown"

The Monkees "Im a believer"

Jump on the Mother ship

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....What in the ramgoat

Wow what a week i have had.

Just had the unfortunate passing of my uncle Henderson crush the last week that i have lived. Henderson was my favorite uncle.

He was my favorite cousins father. He and my father were running partners when they were courting the sisters that became my mother and aunt. It was a difficult blow because i was busy reminiscing about the 2 year anniversary of Roc Raida passing. So to say the least it wasnt something we as a family expected.

 He was one of the happiest men you could have ever known, not overly religious or walk with god kind of person, but a real everyday person that could get along with anyone. He was that cool father figure that i looked up too. He was a court officer so i think that kept him young and in touch with what was going on in the world. Plus he had a legal gun and i always thought that was cool like my own personal black cowboy. I remeber my cousin found a gun in the school yard of his school. Him being a good kid brought it inside the school, but the people at the school thought it was his. Luckily he didnt shoot himself or worse someone else. Too bad the school called the cops and had him arrested on a weapons possesion. My uncle Henderson didnt even get mad or beef or scold my cousin, i guess cause he knew there was no way possible that it could have been my cousins weapon. He took my cousin to breakfast at Ihop and never questioned or warn him about the trouble he was in. I guess he knew nothing he would say would have been worse than going throught the NYC criminal justice system. My uncle ran the streets with my older brother and they got in trouble together getting shot and stabbed and other things i had hoped to ask my uncle about since i am grown now, but i wont have that chance. I am so lucky to have known such a good man let alone having him as part of my family. I just felt i had to dedicate a few words to him because i will always love and miss him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Check this Jawn out i produced. I went old school and did a mash with the G rap verse from ill street blues. This is a snippet from my "Lunchroom Battles" mix. A mix and mash of old school freestyle jawns, from the classic days of hip hop in the 80's and 90's.

OH MY GUDNESS by gudtyme

Oh my gudnes (streets) by gudtyme

Monday, September 19, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Guddy McFly...never satisfied

So its almost another year that has passed since Dj Grand Wizard Roc Raida passed away. Its difficult to express the loss of a friend. Its even more difficult to see the impact his death has played on the whole X-ecutioner collective. No matter what when i flashback to the good times we had on stage and on tour. Being able to watch classic footage of our first show in Boston and i say "our" because i was there before the deal,  (Rob and i grew up in the same neighborhoods Jackson heights /Corona/Elmhurst and east elmhurst. Robs big brother use to take us up to the Rooftop and Red Parrot and places like that way back..that is my brother no matter what goes on in this music game),  Besides the incredible battles that Rob and Raida were in, one of my earliest memories has to be a show we did in Boston at a club called Avalon. It was across the street from where the Boston Red Sox play and next to the 'Green Monster" that humongous outfield wall, weirdest and dopest thing is that from the outside since the stadium must be sunken case the top of the wall is ground level.  I think Rob rented a mini van and we drove up there to do this show , no real format but this was the genesis of something great and by the crowds response i think they felt the same (big shout to Ninja B)

*check at about 2:30 - 3:15* the Kids in the front row (someone stole that footage from me #SMH no someone on the bus and i know who but ill leave old things in the past)

really have the like rocking at the MTV ICON for AeroSmith and meeting musical legends; to stressful times like Raida and Eclipse fighting on the tour bus, but making up soon after i wouldn't trade either. I always wish that there was more that we still could do. Sometimes being witness to the creative powers of these turntable genius', I wonder why commercial hip hop didnt get it. Yeah there was a definite wave of commercial success after the "Its going down" record. But being that their manager felt it gave the X too much light; the potential of the song was never fulfilled with that record. I remember being on tour and having an argument with Dstroy about my validity in the group, (and to be clear I am not an X-men or X-ecutioner they are djs excuse me Turntablist ...musicians), but you will hard pressed to find someone as deep in the circle as I). He was a so called "hired gun" (Ha) by the X's Manager Peter ; and i think that was the beginning of the end of everything.
(When you allow outsiders to disrupt the chemistry it spoils the formula)
Being that Rob Swift is a dear friend to me, i never flipped on anyone in the group, but many a days i wanted to hurt people. And so went the tours there was always a tension within the group, I wish we fought more (i digress again)


First battle vs I.S.P i drove Robs pops car there with the fellas in tow because i had a drivers license. First tour "Elements of Hip Hop" I road managed and did my songs off the X-pressions album... The list goes on but anyone who was really down know whats GUD. So it bothers me and it always has bothered me that the group now is splintered; and no they were not one of the most cohesive of terms in there personal friendships anyway, before the tragedy. However i felt that the loss of Roc Raida would have brought brothers to work together with a common goal, but that has not happened.

When Rob felt he had outgrown and chose to leave the group, a few years ago. The group still managed to do their thing but , the parts equal the whole and something was missing.  Even though the writing was on the wall on early. An example during the Emeinem tour when Rob left for a good reason. (he didn't like our stage placement and where we were on the set list) I can only blame Peter Kang not conveying strongly enough his groups worth to the people running that tour. (Yeah yeah i am airing a few things out, if you don't like it leave me a comment or go jump off the bridge. This is my opinion; like assholes everyone has one! (i digress) We had so much fun and shared so many new and excting expierences, you would think that could hold things together, but it didnt.
So now where is the brotherhood. That last day when we went to see Raida not thinking it would be the last day to see or speak to him. It was deep, a bunch of friends and family trying to show support for our wounded brother. Looking back on it he was saying goodbye, he may not have known it but his spirit was saying farewell to its earthly connections. We stood around his hospital bed in a circle his wife Tye,  his real friends, similar to a turntable spinning slowly to a stop even though the song was not ready to end. Raida i miss sneaker shopping with you and Blind. I miss watching how proud he was when his daughters would come to the shows and sometimes get on the turntables like daddy. Those in the circle knew in the beginning Raida and i clashed a bit because of my friendship with Rob. But years later, tours later, whores later...we was all good. When Rob left the Anger Management tour it put me in a weird space. On one hand that's my Ace boon coon...I wondered to myself should i leave also, but i wanted stay for the money, and i didn't think it was necessary to leave; things will all work out. But the unforeseen consequence to Rob leaving is my friendship with Raida grew and at this moment i treasure that time.  And that split inspired those crazy dope duo routines that Raida and Eclipse would kill during the shows without Rob there. Even though two memebers were M.I.A Raida and Eclipse held it down and never dissapointed the fans at the arenas.
I had always hoped that the crew would work things out but the only times the guys performed together again was reunion shows and those where not the 4 man turntable army productions that people were use to. They hired a few replacement killers but you can not supplement the original Sensi for the pupil.
I had totally accepted that the group would never exisit like we did when we first started in this game. I never thought that it would be a fleeting memory, but Tyme moves on. I see flashes of what once was when the guys do Raida tributes but the spirit of the X-ecutioners died on that September day in that facility i thought Raida would have walked out of one day.
Now today we have all moved on and sometimes i wonder who cares? I wonder why there hasnt been a tribute record by those who say they "rep for Raida". I hope i dont sound too bitter, my animosity or fustration is only caused by a friends death, and the actions or lack there of from the people who seemed to me to be the closest to him.  Im writing to wash away the pain, the enjoyable times i have enjoyed with the X-ecutioners will never out weigh the weight of losing Raida. But i am thankful to have great memories and an amazing group of friends who kill on the 1 and 2's.

Rest in Power Brother Raida miss your swagger!!! BIG HORSE 4 EVA

Friday, September 16, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Labor Day 2011...Goodbye Sweet summer..

So another summer comes to an end. The long hot New York nights goes into a slumber slowly simmering until 2012. I enjoyed this break from the day job,  Dj Markx and i spun at a good friends BBQ in Valley Stream, i got to see allot of old friends and i was introduced in a very embarrassing way to "Lap band surgery" and the results. i did not even recognize the person who had the surgery (shame on me). Anyway i didn have the chance to go to Rock the Bells this year due to the BBQ, and i see i missed another BBQ


Mobb Deep

Black Moon

Black Rob

Saturday, August 27, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Hurricane Irene..the Prequel

Rain gone Come!!!

So far so good its 4:30p.m and the rain has been light. Living in New York my entire life i am surprised by the amount of fear and caution being displayed the news and government organizations. New York has never in my lifetime succumbed to anything, blizzard, rain, terrorist, blackouts, but damn right now (MTA shut down the trains, no flights leaving , no Amtrak) this seems to be thought of as a once in a lifetime storm. Thing is, i dont believe them maybe i have been lulled into a false sense of "New Yorker" but i dont think this will be Katrina.


In other foolish news, i am supposed to dj a party tonight and they haven't canceled yet, how crazy if they dont and i go and spin just for the love of "Money"

Friday, August 26, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Shopping Marketing

Sometimes real life trumps everything. Make sure you tell the important people that you love them. I couldn't find my mother due to a missed flight /flying stand by/ and international foolishness. But it gave me another reason to see how deep the love for my family runs..deeper than thee abyss, thats for sure. Everyone is ok and everything is cool now thankfully....

WHo is Kreyshawn and why should i care?

I had a conversation about the lack of authenticity in hip hop music today. No fingers to point at specific people just the lack of creativity. I understand imitation is a form of flattery and if you admire and artists music and style, and even in the infant stages of your musical growth. You emulate to learn; but eventually you have try to find your voice and do your own thing. It seems like we have not seen anyone hit the airwaves who doesnt fit a certain prototype. He sounds like him. My conversation was sparked by me being made aware of some white female rappers (Kreyshawn) getting a pass for saying nigga and being ignorant to the meaning of "Real Rap" really doesnt compute for me. I believe that there are some voids in hip hop especially when it comes to female artist getting respect and being accepted by the mass media. To make themselfes interesting girls have to jump out the window to earn a stripe. But this isn't just the problem with the lack of support for female hip hop artist. Its the problem with people thinking that their music is the best and unless its pure or true to what you think is good music, no one will be satisfied.

But off of my tangent and on too something new

Behind the scenes of Talib Kweli an Jean Greys video

Erick Sermon feat Rick Ross

HIP HOP CONFESSIONS W/ SKillz feat Salt n Pepa

Skillz presents: Hip-Hop Confessions ep. 9 -- Ladies First from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

Who you calling a bitch?

Do you think this was an intentional leak or marketing by lil wayne and his camp

Have one for yourself

steve jobs


And just because im mee here is something to freak you the hell out!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Whats up folks. I took sometime to enjoy summer. I hope i havent been gone too long. Here some good things that have happened since i have been gone



Ghetto Dreams...

#FLYISH..Its Friday it that fly day.....

Omar Aura feat Fashawn

This was creative and i miss my boy


Monday, August 1, 2011


I got to thank my mentor when it comes to this bloggery internets, the big homey DALLASPENN.COM. He keeps me in the loop when it comes to fresh music to support an bang out the speakers. Check out Queens finest

Mayhem Lauren

"Another Hustle"

Http://WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD....In the midst of the heatwave

I like to thank McDonalds for making the most delicious oatmeal to date. Not sure exactly how healthy it is but it definitely makes life better after i eat some. Took a few days off to recharge the battery and to make some creative moves. Summer is in full swing almost over (words i dread saying) So many things still to do this summer. I will skip a few weddings this year i am tired of going to weddings even djing weddings can be a pain even though they pay well. Amy Whinehouse bit the bullet since we last spoke and the government needs rehab and they keep saying NO NO NO....12 days away from the bloggery world and its great to be back......

( a few days later)

Its Monday and those government suckers finally passed a bill!!! Thanks for not letting go into debt you pontificating political fakes!!! Anyway let the week begin. Im tuned in this week so expect allot of ish to be posted.....

I saw this trailer while surfing. I wonder how good this will be i hope it will be great!!!!

Check this short film out...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Thursday...Bad Credit!!

This is something important, and something you have heard nothing of, i wonder why?

Risking the overall security of America, i believe that the Republican Party will attempt at any risk and without any limit try to discredit the President Obama. Currently they are attempting to stall on working out the debt limit (or simply they need to pay the national credit card, like me its at its limit).  The government has been reeling since the "big cowboy" was in charge, and Osama convinced a few bad men to follow through.  Picking up the pieces in the aftermath, any person elected president would have faced the same economic issues. Americas fondness for bias and racism now plays apart because our president isn't the same color as the majority of American government.  The problem is that regular Americans are caught in the crossfire; and our wallets are not bulletproof.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011




The heat is on, 100 degrees yesterday in the city. Allot of stinky people the only thing i hate about summer. Deodorant companies need to do some free giveaways.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Lets start the day with the internets dynamic duo


On another note the man of the City Dallas, one of his 1500 jobs is also radio host...


As always to support some real good brothers, some real hip hop dudes! and Combat Jack host a weekly radio show up at PNCRadio, this week they announced the BYOBBBQ pt2... Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the show or download it and play on your way to work.

The Combat Jack Show (The Announcement) 7-6-11 by PNCRadio

Here is some crack left over from the 90's

DJMARKX presents : I STILL LOVE THE 90's!!

J.Period feat Black Thought : The Live Mixtape

Monday, July 11, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Music Mondays...Da Cypha..

Total Eclipse, Edde Gnz, Gudtyme, R.I.Power Roc Raida, Rob Swift

So one Beautiful day this summer, we took the time to celebrate the life of my homie Grand Master ROC RAIDA...This is the original crew of emcees that appeared on the song The Cipha on the Turntablist album called "X-pressions" by the X-ecutioners.

Da CyPha feat Pliz & World , Creature, And me Gudtyme

Merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.

Some people say to me "yo your blessed". I think it's the combination of luck and karma that has kept my life enjoyable and simple. Not simple per-se in the monogamous "prison of predictability" that life is to most people. Repeating the same cycle of wake up early go to work come home cook and get ready for the same thing again. I too struggle with the daily grind. But life has also granted me moments of levity and glimpses of a better life. Working at a job you love, being able to truly do what you love, and to be your own boss. I think my sense of humor has kept me sane and balanced. My life is no far from that, check to check with a whole lot of grinding and ingenuity and determination. My peoples struggle and if they struggle i struggle it symbiotic.

My boy KB on Illside Radio!!!

Video streaming by Ustream

Friday, July 8, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THEGUDWORD - Things that bother me.

As i eat my lunch, a salad with chicken and almonds and apples. I have to thank god to be blessed to have grown up in a country where we don't really worry about having fresh food or water. Of course economics dictates if that water is Evian or a quarter water, however the point is that there is usually an option to get food in some manner. I was surfing this world wide web thingy and i found this quick clip showing how bad it is for some people that don't have the opportunity to have fresh food and water.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Independence weekend is here and you can smell the charcoal and bbq in the air.  Half of the year is over and the summer concerts have been on point in NY so far. I recently saw "Beats, Rhymes, Life" documentary on A Tribe Called Quest. The documentary was produced by the actor Michael Rappaport.

Being a huge fan of this groups music, it no doubt shaped the sonic structure of  90's Hip Hop. I have seen the group preform when there albums were first dropped and i saw them perform (rip) at last years Rock The bells  concert. Without any kind of fall-off musically and performance wise.  When they decided to stop making music together it left an unusual void in hip hop.  The movie captures the group going on the 2008 Rock The Bells tour, but it also gives a great background on the groups origins and their connection to the "Native Tongues".  After watching this film, i felt a certain disdain for the  producer of this film. Maybe it is my overall appreciation for the group, that makes me bias towards the story that was told in the movie. I felt that the movie portrayed Q-Tip and Phife always at odds with each other. There is an underlying  power struggle within the group that broke the group up. I was dismayed with the way it seemed like a ton of finger pointing and character assassination distracted the Tribe movement. I almost don't believe that it was that bad in the group, alas i was short twitteration with Jarobi that leads me to believe that there was an insurmountable struggle within the group.

The shining light is that at the end of the movie there is a caption that says A Tribe Called Quest owes one album contractually to Jive records. So hopefully when their Karma is correct they will be able to capture that magic again. Until then, I will play the shit out of their albums and go to there shows knowing that they can perform their classics and i will be a happy camper.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...A peek behind the curtain

I like the feel of this song, the visual isnt so bad.

Im on the one - Dj Khaled and Friends!!

Some Dilla visuals for the backpackers!!

This is the realest interview...i wish most people (Artist) kept it this real.

Sean Price -

Bonus Throwback

The Family


via the new improved

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


June 21st the beginning of summer, today is the longest day of the year. I love the warm weather, i love the smell of summer the hot dogs and bbq's. The sheerness of the clothes that New York women wear. The Hispanic man pushing the ice cart. The Hydrants open to relieve the weary without air condition. The kids will be loose in the streets soon. I hated these last days in the classroom before summer break. I could hardly keep my eyes open as the boring ass teachers told you not to just have fun this summer but also read a book or two. Go outside get of your sofa, if you get hot drink some water and hopefully your deodorant will keep you from smelling like a musk ox.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Why i still love Hip Hop

Yes the Hip-Hop gods blessed us with GUDMUSIC this past week. First I got the link for the collaborative album by Eminem and Royce the 5'9 "Bad Meets Evil: the sequel", which happens to be a brilliant display of lyricism and creative as Picasso flows by both emcees. Then i get the aggressive funky presentation by the group "Random Axe" which consists of the emcees Black Milk, Sean Price, Guilty Simpson. These were all artist i was familiar with by name but not any music, which i must confess is lazy of me. The album sonically reminded me of the 90s with a bunch of filthy filtered samples and random sounds to create the sound scape. Its not so much what the artist are saying in these songs as the real attraction for me is was impeccable the flows and delivery of these artist. I will post some music for you to sample, until then just watch their video.

How hilarious is this whole Weinergate thingy? He literally got caught with his pants down. What a wiener!!!

Yesterday AllHipHop posted a letter from the man claiming that he allegedly robbed Tupac at the Quad Studios; and that he still has the chain he stole from that night. Being that the guy is doing life in prison; ill assume who ever is holding him down outside still has the chain in question. The circumstances for him divulging this information is a little bit more interesting than old war stories. It literally is the "crab in a bucket mentality"

As a bonus i am posting this funny ass sitdown with Royce & Eminem... Bad Meets Evil the interview!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Nasty Nas drops some new crack

And a throwback for that ass...


Monday, June 13, 2011


It was a great series, even though my money was on the Miami Heat i have to applaud the Dallas Mavericks for the beat down they handed out to the most talented team in the league, to bad that talent needs heart to fuel and power it. The Heat ran out of gas! Big shout to those that won their bets with me. Not that i am a die hard Heat fan or anything, i bleed blue and orange for my Knicks. But i thought the level of talent would be able to withstand and destroy the sheer grit and will of the Mavericks. Alas the Big German Engineering" had something to say about that. And the Jason "The prophetic" Terry with his tattoo of the NBA Championship award; did not get the memo that he was supposed to lay down and let "The Hollywood Hitters" come back and tie the series.

These use to be my favorite Kicks..

Jason Kidd signature sneaker!!!

Big up to all things Dallas basketball congratulations

The Renaissance...... AKA THE RENS...

On the subject of  basketball i saw a great documentary by Kahreem Abdul Jabbar  recently called "On the Shoulders of Giants", about the Harlem basketball team the "Renaissance"

The Rens were the creation of Bob Douglas, known as the "Father of Black Basketball" at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Douglas started earning that reputation at age 25, when he organized two amateur basketball teams in Harlem called the Spartan Braves and Spartan Hornets. The Braves and Hornets competed against other New York City-area teams, both black and white, from 1919 to 1923. Douglas eventually became disenchanted with amateur basketball when he wasn't allowed to keep players who had received money from playing other sports. It marked the beginning of the end for Douglas' association with amateur basketball and the beginning of a new era -- the birth of the Rens. 

In 1923, Douglas cut a deal with the owners of Harlem's Renaissance Casino, which opened in 1922. Douglas organized a group of black basketball players and agreed to call the team the Renaissance, providing the casino with publicity. In return, the casino allowed the team to practice and play home games at the epicenter of the "renaissance" of black artistic expression in Harlem, located at 137th Street and Seventh Avenue, during the '20s. The Rens were another form of that expression in "New York's Prettiest Dance Hall" -- as advertised in the New York Amsterdam News -- between dances and big bands, that is. 

You can and should watch this documentary i caught it on NETFLIX....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Caliente Conversation for that Culo....

Is this global warming?  Stay cool

Who was the first rapper to say Champange?

check out my boy Tahir Hemphill with his creative contribution to ebonic economics and lyricism.

The Hip-Hop Word Count from Staple Crops on Vimeo.

Sometimes i get lost in the matrix, this world wide web we call home internets. The maze to get back to point A sometimes is exhausiting. But since i have hurdled past the porn, swerved out of the way of Speeding RAR and download links, and have found my way back home. So in no particular order i give you my mind in video, film, and to me!!!!

Snake Pond

Raekwon "Snake Pond" from XXL Video on Vimeo.

As always i am about my ink. Check out West Coast artist Cartoon.

Time + Space : Mister Cartoon Part One from Off The Wall TV on Vimeo.

Pusha T provides the Gangsta Music

Roots Picnic in Philly