Wednesday, January 26, 2011 aka GUDWORD..Whose world is this?

So i was on the ralph lauren site drowning my JETS blues, and i came across this great article about a camera called a Leica, another thing for me to fake OCD about needing one or two of. Hip Hop is boring as usual. Getting money is the focus and finding a balance in life. I downloaded a new app...a real thugged out app called Authentic Yoga feat Deepak Chopra feat Tara Stiles...really thugged out right? But seriously to find a balance, and slow the momentum of my body slowly aging i started to try yoga poses, to keep my self limber and deadly like Bruce Leroy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011 aka GUDWORD..GUDMUSIC pt 2..RebelMatic!!

Prey For The Vulture - RebelMatic

Don't you hate the echoes of good songs, that bounce around your mind like a voice off of a cave wall. I am having that problem with the songs from the album "Prey for the Vulture" by RebelMatic. This hip hop-headbangers ball fusion is #GUDMusic. On my first listen I instantly thought of the black rock band Living Colour.  I was sent this album by my boy Creature one of the vocalist on the album. Creature and i know each other from my gritty hood of  Corona, Queens NY. We also worked together on a song called The Cipher many moons ago.

The album sequencing is very strong jumping off with the frenetic songs "Get up and go" and "The Edge" with a moment of silence so the mosheees can pick themselves up a jump back into the symphonic anarchy.  There is a darker higher paced musical shift,  with songs like "Top of the Morning"  and "Reckless Eyeballing" these rage against the system songs with political messages like "Mr Charlie my name ain't Toby,/police no peace justice for me and my homies"; really strike at the message the group conveys as a a black rock group.

Rebelmatic: Reckless Eyeballin MUSIC VIDEO from Coffee Grind Media on Vimeo.

 On cue the brakes on  this musical roller coaster are applies just enough for us to catch our breath, and slowly we are taken on another musical ascent with the mellow "Set myself on fire".  A smooth a mellow change in the music, bridging the album going from high paced to a more frenetic melodic ending. I think the gem on this album and what may be the most radio friendly song on the album "Ballad of cyclops".

This song about the “Walking Dead” and the excuses you make when your world ends.  As the album wraps up; the pace picks up and the musical tone becomes darker and more revolutionary with interludes discussing "neo-colonialism" and brain washing tactics of the oppressor.  This is the kind of music that translates both message and a funking good grove. When ever you have a chance check out REBELMATIC...



'THE EDGE' BY REBELMATIC from Coffee Grind Media on Vimeo.

Here is a little black rock lesson pay attention

Living Colour...

CBGB...Pay respect...

Living Colour Reunion at CBGB's December 21, 2000 from Living Colour on Vimeo.

Of course the King...

Black Jack Johnson

My boy Creature blessed me with Fresh track for your listening pleasure, a very versatile musician as you can hear.....


If you want to catch an up ancd coming performance by the band RebelMatic they will be performing in NY....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sometimes i try to implore my friends dont be so regional with their musical taste. Not saying the music i listen too is better, but having an open mind or ear can expose you to different feelings and emotions and stories that this concrete jungle just doesn't have. It doesn't have to be hip hop it can be any music , it all has a vibe and a direction it wants to take you in.  So today im going to put up some music i or you may not like but someone somewhere does and this posts for you....

This is something i like cause its hood!

Juicy J

I had a good conversation with an old friend Slink, about how grown men sometimes still have to act like teenagers. And how the stories of the knuckleheads in the neighborhood still make you laugh. That eternal ghosts of teen spirit.

Skyzoo..B&W is nice!!

Vicked from gotta find it yourself check the twitter for "Alices rabbit hole" Im glad they let tem back in the game or they got back in the game....Alphabet Boys trying to knock the hustle...Freedom of Speech...Freedom or death we gotta fight the powers that be.....

Throwback... Unedited Full Version of....

P.E...Fight the Power....BK wolves!!!!!!!

Another Humpday and im one coffee down and one too go. I just want to go home and burn something but i gotta to make the doughnuts. I havent been posting much Logic 9 related things or the MPD so i will continue in my next post it will be a tech update. And on Friday day i think we will have a fashion review.


WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...Offshore the boats sprung a leak....

wikileaks is going in and bursting the little bubble of invisibilty for those rich folk...

In this article i saw at NPR this was the headlining story i thought was interesting


A former Swiss banker said Monday that he has handed over to WikiLeaks two discs containing what he claims is information on 2,000 offshore bank account holders.
Rudolf Elmer, an ex-employee of Swiss-based bank Julius Baer, said the documents reveal case after case of tax evasion and involve 40 politicians as well as entertainers and multinationals from the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere. He refused to name the account holders, but said the data span a period of at least 19 years and involve three banks.
Elmer, who is scheduled to go on trial this week for breaking bank secrecy laws, said he believes he has the right to take a stand against a system that permits secret and often illegal activity.
"I do think as a banker I have the right to stand up if something is wrong," said Elmer, who addressed reporters at London's Frontline Club alongside WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
read more at NPR(link above)

The spirit of Vince...

Wiki leaks is lifing that veiled curtain....

Monday, January 17, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...Thanks Dr. Martin Luther King jr..

Thank you MLK for your sacrifice!!!! You made my world a melting pot free from restriction and boundaries. You made my world a canvas with friends that are my pallet of colors; that I mix and paint my world in big bright graffiti letters "Free at last, Free at last...Thank god almighty I'm free at last"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...Lets go Jets!!!!! pt.2

And in celebration of the dismantling of the Patriots

I present Won Ton Swag By DallasPenn


Old as LT better get his run on today!!

Yeah its a playoff sunday and my city slicking JETS are on their way to victory over the Patriots...well at least thats my hope and prediction for todays game. Im about to hit the streets and hopefully be back in the house for kickoff. Until i get back check out one of the veterans of hip hop Prince Po formerly of Organized Konfusion he got a new joint called...

Produced by Large Professor

And one of their classics "Stress"

Optimus Prime #butters

Friday, January 14, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...A dozen days down.. an ice cream face tat...that's just to far!!!

Yes today as officially another crazy day in this short year of weirdness. Here has to be the craziest video and the perfect storm of crazy all trapped on the 4 train in NY.

I have asked some guest bloggers to drop by and lace us with their brand of cool. I also will be doing some guest blogging over at OUFancy they need some testosterone over there. There i will be giving my Dr.Phil.E.Blunt / Mars vs Venus perspective. Big shout out to Jack Napier he's a turntablist, he's hip hop. Who knew....

RZA - Domestice Violence

All types of natural disasters are dominating the news at the moment. Flooding in Brazil and Australia but let us not forget what happened in Haiti a year ago.



Haiti refugees will soon be deported back to a very hostile and volatile situation..

Life is precious and short so you have to live what little of it that you are lucky enough to have.

Its great to see that labels are still investing in real hip hop artist, the not so secret of Slaughterhouse was announced by Shady records along with Yelawolf..who i am really digging his music right now..Its that dirty white boy shit..but some real grimy shit!!!

Yealwolf - Pop the trunk



West West


Monday, January 10, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...The chicken has flown the coup

When does tea become a murder weapon? When Nailing Palin is serving it.

Whoa what is going on in America? The same old same old i guess. Political figures have been the subject to assassination attempts dating way earlier than that bast john Wilkes Booth. (even though with the death of lincoln, the art of embalming and the advancement of the railroad car; America got a up close glimpse at the future.) This current case of home grow terrorism is something to fear. Instantly people have started pointing a finger at the tea party queen Nailing Palin. However i think the thing to worry about is the accessibility that the guy had to accomplish what he did. Hopefully it will be a case of if he had stayed on his meds this never would have happened, and with universal health care everyone hopefully be sedated enough so that this doesn't happen again.

Above is a screen grab of the pic on Palins Facebook page. After close examination besides the fact that she puts the names of; the people who she hopes to run out out of office. She also put well let me not directly blame her for advertising campaign but the marketing person was making a visual statement by placing those crosshairs on the officials locations.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


The first humpday of the year. I didnt win the 330 million dollar lottery so i guess, i have to continue on my daily grind. Do you remember at the end of Buffalo gals you here a sound bite that says "and say children, what does it all me' well that is the sentiment that is echoing in my head. What are we here for? Why do we struggle to survive everyday? The human spirit is so strong and such a mystery. So far this year  i have been blessed with a few positive moments that have restored my faith in people. I will tell you by the end of last year i was done with all of you. But i was shown that stranger or friend can give you what you were looking for without prompting. Everything is a test for me, i test people they test me, those that pass get rewarded those that fail well to hell with you. Be a better friend to someone than they are too you, it is good for the spirit and you will be planting a seed that will be passed and grow like a forest. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Birds and fish are dying all over it time to dig out my bomb shelter and hunker down for the Apocalypse.  4 days in and i am being productive and not just smoking my life away. I wonder what small club Christon is singing in right now. Oh, who?  I didn't think you remembered.

Now you remember yes these smooth dudes reminds me of my boy Von the Supertrainer, I hopefully will be able to have him contribute some information on health and your well being, look out for that.

Wow did you read this if not you really really should...some secret agents got caught on camera ...not so secret anymore..


One year ago, an elite Mossad hit squad traveled to Dubai to kill a high-ranking member of Hamas. They completed the mission, but their covers were blown, and Israel was humiliated by the twenty-seven-minute video of their movements that was posted online for all the world to see. Ronen Bergman reveals the intricate, chilling details of the mission and investigates how Israel's vaunted spy agency did things so spectacularly wrong


Read More

vicked from GQ

Reggie Nobel drops a viral..

SFU: Check out this dope stop motion video of one of my vices..Kicks

Just For Kicks from Thelonious Martin on Vimeo.

Some nice Christian Louboutin heels for the ladies

Jordan moment....very nice....

Oh yeah if your really caught up on with those dying birds here is a song for you to ponder the end of the world too.

Monday, January 3, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM aka THEGUDWORD- Year end wrap up...

The end is near....Today Dec 31st 2010...time to celebrate the last 365 days, and the fresh start the next 365 could provide you with. I have just been enjoyiong the holidays and eating good food and relaxing. I hope the new year prensents all of the oppurtunities you with for. Good Bye 2010 hello 2011. We know that theres not much hope for hip hop in the foreseeable future but i do appreciate the music Kanye put out this year, kept it fresh and as usual everyone followed suit with there own tagline day. His video/soundtrack that accomopanied the album is epic, he basically gave away the album and still pushed units Good Music overcomes.

I got "Decoded" the Jay-Z memoir for Christmas, so i will be digging into that over the next few days. My Jets made it too the playoffs! I hope that they can be sucessful in the next few weeks and extend NY football since the Giants sold out this year. I hope you can be resolute about your resolutions. I will be trying to fulfill my own dreams this year. Just like this web site i need to make some changes and improvements.

Well the reset button has been pushed and it is January and a new year has begun. Big shout to all of the Capricorns enjoy your astrological moment in time.

I want to thank you for the continued support and the the wheels are up and this Jet is about to take off agian on aour trip around the world.