Friday, January 14, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...A dozen days down.. an ice cream face tat...that's just to far!!!

Yes today as officially another crazy day in this short year of weirdness. Here has to be the craziest video and the perfect storm of crazy all trapped on the 4 train in NY.

I have asked some guest bloggers to drop by and lace us with their brand of cool. I also will be doing some guest blogging over at OUFancy they need some testosterone over there. There i will be giving my Dr.Phil.E.Blunt / Mars vs Venus perspective. Big shout out to Jack Napier he's a turntablist, he's hip hop. Who knew....

RZA - Domestice Violence

All types of natural disasters are dominating the news at the moment. Flooding in Brazil and Australia but let us not forget what happened in Haiti a year ago.



Haiti refugees will soon be deported back to a very hostile and volatile situation..

Life is precious and short so you have to live what little of it that you are lucky enough to have.

Its great to see that labels are still investing in real hip hop artist, the not so secret of Slaughterhouse was announced by Shady records along with Yelawolf..who i am really digging his music right now..Its that dirty white boy shit..but some real grimy shit!!!

Yealwolf - Pop the trunk



West West


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