Thursday, January 6, 2011


The first humpday of the year. I didnt win the 330 million dollar lottery so i guess, i have to continue on my daily grind. Do you remember at the end of Buffalo gals you here a sound bite that says "and say children, what does it all me' well that is the sentiment that is echoing in my head. What are we here for? Why do we struggle to survive everyday? The human spirit is so strong and such a mystery. So far this year  i have been blessed with a few positive moments that have restored my faith in people. I will tell you by the end of last year i was done with all of you. But i was shown that stranger or friend can give you what you were looking for without prompting. Everything is a test for me, i test people they test me, those that pass get rewarded those that fail well to hell with you. Be a better friend to someone than they are too you, it is good for the spirit and you will be planting a seed that will be passed and grow like a forest. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

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