Sunday, January 23, 2011 aka GUDWORD..GUDMUSIC pt 2..RebelMatic!!

Prey For The Vulture - RebelMatic

Don't you hate the echoes of good songs, that bounce around your mind like a voice off of a cave wall. I am having that problem with the songs from the album "Prey for the Vulture" by RebelMatic. This hip hop-headbangers ball fusion is #GUDMusic. On my first listen I instantly thought of the black rock band Living Colour.  I was sent this album by my boy Creature one of the vocalist on the album. Creature and i know each other from my gritty hood of  Corona, Queens NY. We also worked together on a song called The Cipher many moons ago.

The album sequencing is very strong jumping off with the frenetic songs "Get up and go" and "The Edge" with a moment of silence so the mosheees can pick themselves up a jump back into the symphonic anarchy.  There is a darker higher paced musical shift,  with songs like "Top of the Morning"  and "Reckless Eyeballing" these rage against the system songs with political messages like "Mr Charlie my name ain't Toby,/police no peace justice for me and my homies"; really strike at the message the group conveys as a a black rock group.

Rebelmatic: Reckless Eyeballin MUSIC VIDEO from Coffee Grind Media on Vimeo.

 On cue the brakes on  this musical roller coaster are applies just enough for us to catch our breath, and slowly we are taken on another musical ascent with the mellow "Set myself on fire".  A smooth a mellow change in the music, bridging the album going from high paced to a more frenetic melodic ending. I think the gem on this album and what may be the most radio friendly song on the album "Ballad of cyclops".

This song about the “Walking Dead” and the excuses you make when your world ends.  As the album wraps up; the pace picks up and the musical tone becomes darker and more revolutionary with interludes discussing "neo-colonialism" and brain washing tactics of the oppressor.  This is the kind of music that translates both message and a funking good grove. When ever you have a chance check out REBELMATIC...



'THE EDGE' BY REBELMATIC from Coffee Grind Media on Vimeo.

Here is a little black rock lesson pay attention

Living Colour...

CBGB...Pay respect...

Living Colour Reunion at CBGB's December 21, 2000 from Living Colour on Vimeo.

Of course the King...

Black Jack Johnson

My boy Creature blessed me with Fresh track for your listening pleasure, a very versatile musician as you can hear.....


If you want to catch an up ancd coming performance by the band RebelMatic they will be performing in NY....

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