Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sometimes i try to implore my friends dont be so regional with their musical taste. Not saying the music i listen too is better, but having an open mind or ear can expose you to different feelings and emotions and stories that this concrete jungle just doesn't have. It doesn't have to be hip hop it can be any music , it all has a vibe and a direction it wants to take you in.  So today im going to put up some music i or you may not like but someone somewhere does and this posts for you....

This is something i like cause its hood!

Juicy J

I had a good conversation with an old friend Slink, about how grown men sometimes still have to act like teenagers. And how the stories of the knuckleheads in the neighborhood still make you laugh. That eternal ghosts of teen spirit.

Skyzoo..B&W is nice!!

Vicked from FreeOnsmash....you gotta find it yourself check the twitter for "Alices rabbit hole" Im glad they let tem back in the game or they got back in the game....Alphabet Boys trying to knock the hustle...Freedom of Speech...Freedom or death we gotta fight the powers that be.....

Throwback... Unedited Full Version of....

P.E...Fight the Power....BK wolves!!!!!!!

Another Humpday and im one coffee down and one too go. I just want to go home and burn something but i gotta to make the doughnuts. I havent been posting much Logic 9 related things or the MPD so i will continue in my next post it will be a tech update. And on Friday day i think we will have a fashion review.


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