Monday, January 10, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD...The chicken has flown the coup

When does tea become a murder weapon? When Nailing Palin is serving it.

Whoa what is going on in America? The same old same old i guess. Political figures have been the subject to assassination attempts dating way earlier than that bast john Wilkes Booth. (even though with the death of lincoln, the art of embalming and the advancement of the railroad car; America got a up close glimpse at the future.) This current case of home grow terrorism is something to fear. Instantly people have started pointing a finger at the tea party queen Nailing Palin. However i think the thing to worry about is the accessibility that the guy had to accomplish what he did. Hopefully it will be a case of if he had stayed on his meds this never would have happened, and with universal health care everyone hopefully be sedated enough so that this doesn't happen again.

Above is a screen grab of the pic on Palins Facebook page. After close examination besides the fact that she puts the names of; the people who she hopes to run out out of office. She also put well let me not directly blame her for advertising campaign but the marketing person was making a visual statement by placing those crosshairs on the officials locations.


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