Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Birds and fish are dying all over it time to dig out my bomb shelter and hunker down for the Apocalypse.  4 days in and i am being productive and not just smoking my life away. I wonder what small club Christon is singing in right now. Oh, who?  I didn't think you remembered.

Now you remember yes these smooth dudes reminds me of my boy Von the Supertrainer, I hopefully will be able to have him contribute some information on health and your well being, look out for that.

Wow did you read this if not you really really should...some secret agents got caught on camera ...not so secret anymore..


One year ago, an elite Mossad hit squad traveled to Dubai to kill a high-ranking member of Hamas. They completed the mission, but their covers were blown, and Israel was humiliated by the twenty-seven-minute video of their movements that was posted online for all the world to see. Ronen Bergman reveals the intricate, chilling details of the mission and investigates how Israel's vaunted spy agency did things so spectacularly wrong


Read More http://www.gq.com/news-politics/big-issues/201101/the-dubai-job-mossad-assassination-hamas#ixzz1A7JZcU1F

vicked from GQ

Reggie Nobel drops a viral..

SFU: Check out this dope stop motion video of one of my vices..Kicks

Just For Kicks from Thelonious Martin on Vimeo.

Some nice Christian Louboutin heels for the ladies

Jordan moment....very nice....

Oh yeah if your really caught up on with those dying birds here is a song for you to ponder the end of the world too.

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