Saturday, February 26, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... #GUDMUSIC..OddFuture.. Youth is wasted on the Young


This Dre Video is dope!!!

I need a doctor....

Ok Okay i need a late pass. I wasn't up on oddfuture, but i had heard their name in the digital wind. I have been doing some research and it seems like they are the, equivalent to Nirvana if they had been a black group. This smells like teen spirit. If you miss that vibe, that energy that the music use to give you before you became a grown up and started paying bills. This is it. Thank You ODDFuture for the music you have injected into the juggler of music.

Tyler the Creator - Yonkers

This is one funking crazy video. Yes this is a recipe from the crack cookbook

you can find out more about them at

Steal to eat....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... Fresh dressed like a million $'s

poster boy...he is nice with the razor

Spring is in the air. Lets go window shopping....

i saw these summer treats over at NICEKICKS

Nike classics

play clothes

flud watches

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... Social Studies...

Muammar el-Qaddafi

Wow this guy is really going in, being that we live in an urban jungle and some a suburban bubble.  We sometimes neglect the fact that we are ants, on one big ant hill and on the guy above is one red ant....mean and evil.....I guess i had my head in the sand, when i read how he ordered his jet fighters to fire on the people protesting in Libya. I was alarmed that someone so vicious can be in power. I know its a little bit naive of me, but i would have thought international opinion  counts; especially since the digital revolution in Egypt publicized every action taken by the egyptian president. But i guess muammar is "off that" Facebook. Plus he is sitting on Black Gold , he saw this from ten revolutions away.  He Purposely weakened his army, so that they would never be able to over throw him. Then he hired Mercenaries to do his dirty work, they dont speak Arabic and they shoot to kill.....

It has been 40 years since Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi came to power in Libya — and for nearly as long the West has watched his every move. The financier of an eclectic array of guerrilla groups around the globe, he was responsible, according to Western intelligence, for many of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the mid-80s, including the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed 270  vicked from the N.Y Times

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Finally they pulled the trigger. The Knicks are becoming a real team. Lets go Knicks!!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... Muscle up...summers coming

Just got back from the gym. Feeling the endorphins and the pain that will equal gain in the future. Have to knock off the rust from the winter of eating and drinking really GUD. I like to thank OuFancy for the weekly contributions, I owe her a post or two so i will get to that after this.

Black History Moment...if there is one example of a superhero i loved as a child it was Muhammed Ali. I am sitting here on this lazy sunday watching fight footage from a documentary that Gil Nobel shot for his program "Like it is"

Yeah the All-Star game was cool but the dunk contest was cooler. It is top three all time when you watch the creativity of each dunk. Patiently this Knicks fan waits for the trade. But if we dont get Melo-man Cee right now im ok, we waited so long aint much gonna change with him here. But i still want that Ewing/Houston magic.

When i sit back and take a second to write,  i wonder how do i have time to write, when i am also working on a mix cd, changing them memory in two computers, rolling up, working out, just going to work, make a beat, running around like a chicken with my head cut off...but i digress those are my problems not yours. I think i will take the time to relax and listen to some good music at


Hey Ladies! This weather is something else SMDH, had me thinking I had another month of hiding underneath my coat LOL. WII Fit here I come..........any way back to the reason why we're here today......"statement shoes". Statement shoes are shoes that require a statement, double take and a DAYYUUM those are HAWT!!!!!. Enough talking here are some Fierce & Frugal options............

You should never feel that you need a whole lotta money to look a whole lotta cute!

Let us know how your hunt went, see you next week or if you feel like chick chatting before that you can always stop by @ we love company!

Blow Kiss

Monday, February 14, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... Grammy Family pt 2 Androids and Space chicks

Janelle Monet, B.O.B. Bruno the Grammys

this was my favorite...Janelle is the truth....


Pretty busy week. Didnt get a chance to update the page much. So i hope this post makes up for the week in review.

First i would like to start this one off with a free download of some mixes from some friends of the family.

First we start with J.Period and John Legend fresh ass remix album! feel free to download it.

Here is someone new that i think i will have to check her music out

esperanza spalding

these were my favorite performances last night.

DJ markx blesses us with a house mix for you club heads

these were my favorite performances last night

CEE-LO Green aka Forget you!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey beautiful ladies welcome back to Fashion Fridays @ the Gud Word by way of Oufancy. Spring is slowly approaching. I know it definitely doesn't feel like it in NYC but I promise, it is! Now is the best time to start shopping for a few flirty dresses. Wrap dresses are flattering on every figure. If you're a curvy girl, you can't go wrong with one. Here are a few options........

Now all you need is a pair of nude round toe pumps and you're good to go. Wrap dresses can also be dressed up or down so it's a good investment. We hope we were helpful and we'll chat next week or you can stop by @ to visit ; )

Bye Bye For Now

Thursday, February 10, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... idiot abroad

Kendrick Lamar

You a slave to a page in my rhyme book..


Monday, February 7, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... Money Making Monday

Time to make the doughnuts.

Here is some classic Hip Hop for your ears.

I give you more of what your looking for

@DartAdams from is a person i follow on twitter who is an hip hop aficionado. He was dropping some science on ghostwriters. Some were not so surprising but the old school one were very interesting. Check this link to find out who wrote some of your favorite rappers rhymes.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So the Superbowl is this weekend, and its time to have one more tailgating couch potato-ing party. I know all of the NFL wifes and girlfriends have been waiting for this day since August of last year. I know my girl is tired of getting tackled every time one of my favorite players makes it to the end zone. I can say without feeling guilty “I couldn’t care less about this years Superbowl game!!!! Since my Jets didn’t make it to the big dance I will half heartedly support the Black and Yellow. To tell the truth I want to root for Green Bay but ill be true to my conference. Listen too me talk as a fan, when I don’t get anything back form this sport besides , higher blood pressure and broken dreams of winning the superbowl.

At the same time that all of this hoopla is going on, I would also like to drop a little science on you. Today I am posting a lecture by the world renowned teacher Dr. France Cress Wesling, the author of “The Isis Papers” this was a very influential book when I was going through a period of mental and spiritual growth. I hope you enjoy and learn something….

Friday, February 4, 2011

Http://WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THE GUDWORD Fashion Fridays..........................................

Good morning beautiful ladies and welcome to Fashion Fridays @ Gud Word by way of Oufancy! I'm hoping that we'll learn a lot of things from each other on our journey. We'll try to keep you up on the latest and also would love you to share your sense of style with us  from time to time. It's always important to remember who YOU are and know that it's perfectly fine to do your own thing. Basically, every trend is NOT for every body!

Having said that, our first stop is Spanx. Spanx is a line of under garments and there's nothing wrong with wearing an under garment from time to time. They've come a long way from the painful contraptions our Grandmothers wore! No one is perfect. I repeat NO ONE is perfect not even our favorite diva Beyonce. I'm not hating on Bey in anyway so don't get me wrong because our girl is BAD but she's admitted to wearing them. Spanx will just assist you on keeping it right and tight for that special night! So don't be ashamed. Grab yourself a pair, they will last you a very long time. Here are a few options....

You can purchase a pair @ 

Well I hope you join us again next Friday : ). Feel free to leave some feed back.
Oh and stop by and visit us @ for some daily Chick Chat

Thank You

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 aka GUDWORD..Thursdays Thump...#GudMusic

Yo here are some videos for you to check out, while your at work and need something to distract you for a little while.

Ski Beatz feat LockSmith....Lock

SKI BEATZ FT. LOCKSMITH - LOCK from Creative Control on Vimeo.


This video was so crazy i had to also post it...


Serato S-120 Concorde Cartridge Kit

Some dj ish...But this needle is sexy!!!


this is hip hop!!

Homeboy Sandman....

This is a dope documentary on street gangs in NY during the 70's ...check it out!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 aka GUDWORD..Black History Month 2011

Black history month is upon us again. It's a shame that it is not respected and revered in a proper way. But I guess if there was a white history month, more than a few people would be upset. As we watch the unfolding of revolution and protest in Egypt we hopefully will witness a change in the one thing that has always bothered me about monarchies and dictatorships. No one is bestowed by god, the power to rule of one land or country. In medieval time it made more sense because of invaders. So a unified country led by a family for however long sometimes would ensure the survival of a culture and people. But in these modern times it appalls me to believe that some countries still have Kings and Prices. It's like please can you get with the program so the world will can evolve and progress. But the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, and once you have power you don't teach the powerless; the skills to gain power. If you are black then please so do one thing this wintry month to acknowledge the sacrifices and achievements of a race that struggled as hard as any other race or culture in the struggle.

The talking head giving me my afternoon news says that there will be more snow dumped on an already snow bound city. Snow is pretty all of 15 mins until it is slushy and dirty. I recently sent a winter wonderland picture; to a friend from Barbados. They said that it looks pretty...I had to tell her all that glitters is not white gold. When people who live on beautiful tropical islands see the snow they can not imagine how miserable this so called beautiful scene really is. I will trade this snow for sand between my toes any day.

This is a trailer for the up and coming documentary on J.Dilla