Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WWW.Flampro.com aka GUDWORD..Black History Month 2011

Black history month is upon us again. It's a shame that it is not respected and revered in a proper way. But I guess if there was a white history month, more than a few people would be upset. As we watch the unfolding of revolution and protest in Egypt we hopefully will witness a change in the one thing that has always bothered me about monarchies and dictatorships. No one is bestowed by god, the power to rule of one land or country. In medieval time it made more sense because of invaders. So a unified country led by a family for however long sometimes would ensure the survival of a culture and people. But in these modern times it appalls me to believe that some countries still have Kings and Prices. It's like please can you get with the program so the world will can evolve and progress. But the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, and once you have power you don't teach the powerless; the skills to gain power. If you are black then please so do one thing this wintry month to acknowledge the sacrifices and achievements of a race that struggled as hard as any other race or culture in the struggle.

The talking head giving me my afternoon news says that there will be more snow dumped on an already snow bound city. Snow is pretty all of 15 mins until it is slushy and dirty. I recently sent a winter wonderland picture; to a friend from Barbados. They said that it looks pretty...I had to tell her all that glitters is not white gold. When people who live on beautiful tropical islands see the snow they can not imagine how miserable this so called beautiful scene really is. I will trade this snow for sand between my toes any day.

This is a trailer for the up and coming documentary on J.Dilla

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