Friday, March 4, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD... Tonights the night and me and my Ni**as aint playing

What up world. My boy Rob Swift is premiering his movie tonight. In the great bourough of Queens. In my old neighborhood Jackson Heights, actually at a theater i use to go to as a yuth. Rob is premiering his documentary about a show he did in a blizzard, i remeber the night vividly even though jack forst showed his ass that night, real hip hop was still in the building. If you have a chance come out tonight and enjoy the visuals.....

Guest - The X-ecutioners
Air Date - Tonight: 9pm
On this month, 20 years ago, 3 Queens DJs befriended a crew of Harlem DJs at a club called Palladium in NYC. The rest, as they say, is history. So with a little help from Portland, Oregon radio host Matt Nelkin (Liquid Beat), the X Files are being re-opened for this month's episode of Dope On Plastic! We miss you Raida, R.I.P.

*DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement debuts at the Queens World Film Festival THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!! YES TOMORROW!!!


Premiere date: Tomorrow, March 4th. at 10:35pm

Location: Jackson Theater (Cinema #3) located at 40-31 82nd Street (off Roosevelt Avenue), Jackson Heights, NY 11379.

Directions: #7 Train to 82nd St./Jackson Heights

Admission fee: $6.00

Film festival: Queens World Film Festival (March 3rd through 6th).

*For those of you who can't make the movie premiere in person, DJ ROB SWIFT: LIVE! THE DOCUMENTED MOVEMENT is AVAILABLE NOW at

DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement
On February 25, 2010 one hundred or so New Yorkers braved through blizzard conditions and gathered at Club Legion in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate the release of Rob Swift's 4th album THE ARCHITECT. As much as that night served as a prelude to his various tour dates throughout the globe, spreading the word of his latest LP, it was also a nostalgic reminder of Rob's humble past as a member of the X - men. "We used to pack small rooms, intimate venues... just like this... and we'd be excited!" Hence, welcome to DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement.

Fat Beats Farewell Instore - Due to the drastic decline of record sales in recent years, Fat Beats Record Store (NYC) closed it's doors in September of 2010. DJ Rob Swift and Breez Evahflowin say good bye with a performance that will forever be etched in the minds of those who turned out to pay their respect to a New York City Hip Hop landmark.

Rob & Butcher Interview - Here's an intimate look into the relationship Rob has with his mentor, Dr. Butcher. Both converse about their practice habits, approaches to DJing and how they inspired each other to create.

Rabia Music Video - Behind the scenes footage of Rob Swift preparing to shoot the "Rabia - 2nd Movement" music video.

Produced by Rob Swift
Directed by Rodolfo Duran (
Edited by Rodolfo Duran
Written by Rob Swift and Rodolfo Duran
Starring: The X-ecutioners, Breez Evahflowin, The Buck 50 Kutters, Dr. Butcher, The Large Professor, Akinyele, Sadat X, and more...

Tour Schedule
March 4, 2011 DJ Rob Swift: Live! The Documented Movement premiere 40-31 82nd St. (Jackson Heights, New York)
March 11, 2011 Drake Underground (1150 Queen St. W. (Toronto, Canada)
March 18, 2011 Dark Room Bar (2210 W. Chicago Ave. (Chicago Illinois)
March 26, 2011 Legion Bar 720 Metropolitan Ave. (Williamsburge, Brooklyn)

Rob Swift

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