Monday, April 11, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Whatever floats your boat.

Wow of all the things to happen in hip hop, all of the undercover rumors, all of the homophobia this one is monumental. What you do is what you do! If you are a NY and remember the original 42nd st, then talks of transsexualism and sex workers should not even make you blink an eye. However since Mr. Cee is Hip Hop, more importantly he is represents the masculine image that so defines the culture. Hip Hop outwardly does not appeal to be ghey, but since society dictates human nature there has been homosexuality and gay artist since the first bird sang his song. After numerous conversations about this subject. The question is can Cee survive this. I say yes because hip hop, has a very short term memory. Will is effect his career i doubt it because if you outwardly shun Cee, then i feel the bias will make whoever look crazy in the day and age of acceptance. Now will this empower more gay rappers to come out. probably but i don't think they will get any support unless it is a female gay artist.

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