Thursday, May 5, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Pee-Ons get peed on!

Proud to be and American......

Seems like my good old S.O.C.O.M buddies to out the "Great Turban" for about 30 seconds we were all American. All of the footage of people celebrating the killing of the head of Al-Queda was reminiscent of every middle easter muslim country burning the the American flag and our presidents in effigy. I do feel a sense of relief somewhat that there is a beginning and end to 9/11 saga. I worked at the recovery at the site of the old Trade Towers, i can still easily remember the smell of jet fuel and and fire and cement that poisoned my nostrils at the site. I remember the worn out faces, and the unsure feeling if there would be another day like September 10, the day before America changed forever. Having the Sunday interrupted to flash the news of his killing is a great way to start anew as barbaric as that sounds. But today is a new day and now we have to be worried about the "Big Payback" but we also can hope that as time move on the C.I.A will continue to spread the seed of western world and "help" liberate (read -destabilize) these countries that see us as the apex of their axis of evil.

But even as the world turns and events that shape the world transpire, i see that some people dont even care, some are more caught up with the NBA playoffs. Most people dont even live in or recognize the real world. Most people are caught up with work or whats going on on their block. To those lost people i only can assume that "ignorance is bliss".

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