Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Caliente Conversation for that Culo....

Is this global warming?  Stay cool

Who was the first rapper to say Champange?

check out my boy Tahir Hemphill with his creative contribution to ebonic economics and lyricism.

The Hip-Hop Word Count from Staple Crops on Vimeo.

Sometimes i get lost in the matrix, this world wide web we call home internets. The maze to get back to point A sometimes is exhausiting. But since i have hurdled past the porn, swerved out of the way of Speeding RAR and download links, and have found my way back home. So in no particular order i give you my mind in video, film, and to me!!!!

Snake Pond

Raekwon "Snake Pond" from XXL Video on Vimeo.

As always i am about my ink. Check out West Coast artist Cartoon.

Time + Space : Mister Cartoon Part One from Off The Wall TV on Vimeo.

Pusha T provides the Gangsta Music

Roots Picnic in Philly

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