Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Why i still love Hip Hop

Yes the Hip-Hop gods blessed us with GUDMUSIC this past week. First I got the link for the collaborative album by Eminem and Royce the 5'9 "Bad Meets Evil: the sequel", which happens to be a brilliant display of lyricism and creative as Picasso flows by both emcees. Then i get the aggressive funky presentation by the group "Random Axe" which consists of the emcees Black Milk, Sean Price, Guilty Simpson. These were all artist i was familiar with by name but not any music, which i must confess is lazy of me. The album sonically reminded me of the 90s with a bunch of filthy filtered samples and random sounds to create the sound scape. Its not so much what the artist are saying in these songs as the real attraction for me is was impeccable the flows and delivery of these artist. I will post some music for you to sample, until then just watch their video.

How hilarious is this whole Weinergate thingy? He literally got caught with his pants down. What a wiener!!!

Yesterday AllHipHop posted a letter from the man claiming that he allegedly robbed Tupac at the Quad Studios; and that he still has the chain he stole from that night. Being that the guy is doing life in prison; ill assume who ever is holding him down outside still has the chain in question. The circumstances for him divulging this information is a little bit more interesting than old war stories. It literally is the "crab in a bucket mentality"

As a bonus i am posting this funny ass sitdown with Royce & Eminem... Bad Meets Evil the interview!!


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