Thursday, July 14, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD..Thursday...Bad Credit!!

This is something important, and something you have heard nothing of, i wonder why?

Risking the overall security of America, i believe that the Republican Party will attempt at any risk and without any limit try to discredit the President Obama. Currently they are attempting to stall on working out the debt limit (or simply they need to pay the national credit card, like me its at its limit).  The government has been reeling since the "big cowboy" was in charge, and Osama convinced a few bad men to follow through.  Picking up the pieces in the aftermath, any person elected president would have faced the same economic issues. Americas fondness for bias and racism now plays apart because our president isn't the same color as the majority of American government.  The problem is that regular Americans are caught in the crossfire; and our wallets are not bulletproof.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011




The heat is on, 100 degrees yesterday in the city. Allot of stinky people the only thing i hate about summer. Deodorant companies need to do some free giveaways.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Lets start the day with the internets dynamic duo


On another note the man of the City Dallas, one of his 1500 jobs is also radio host...


As always to support some real good brothers, some real hip hop dudes! and Combat Jack host a weekly radio show up at PNCRadio, this week they announced the BYOBBBQ pt2... Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the show or download it and play on your way to work.

The Combat Jack Show (The Announcement) 7-6-11 by PNCRadio

Here is some crack left over from the 90's

DJMARKX presents : I STILL LOVE THE 90's!!

J.Period feat Black Thought : The Live Mixtape

Monday, July 11, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Music Mondays...Da Cypha..

Total Eclipse, Edde Gnz, Gudtyme, R.I.Power Roc Raida, Rob Swift

So one Beautiful day this summer, we took the time to celebrate the life of my homie Grand Master ROC RAIDA...This is the original crew of emcees that appeared on the song The Cipha on the Turntablist album called "X-pressions" by the X-ecutioners.

Da CyPha feat Pliz & World , Creature, And me Gudtyme

Merrily merrily
Life is but a dream.

Some people say to me "yo your blessed". I think it's the combination of luck and karma that has kept my life enjoyable and simple. Not simple per-se in the monogamous "prison of predictability" that life is to most people. Repeating the same cycle of wake up early go to work come home cook and get ready for the same thing again. I too struggle with the daily grind. But life has also granted me moments of levity and glimpses of a better life. Working at a job you love, being able to truly do what you love, and to be your own boss. I think my sense of humor has kept me sane and balanced. My life is no far from that, check to check with a whole lot of grinding and ingenuity and determination. My peoples struggle and if they struggle i struggle it symbiotic.

My boy KB on Illside Radio!!!

Video streaming by Ustream

Friday, July 8, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.COM AKA THEGUDWORD - Things that bother me.

As i eat my lunch, a salad with chicken and almonds and apples. I have to thank god to be blessed to have grown up in a country where we don't really worry about having fresh food or water. Of course economics dictates if that water is Evian or a quarter water, however the point is that there is usually an option to get food in some manner. I was surfing this world wide web thingy and i found this quick clip showing how bad it is for some people that don't have the opportunity to have fresh food and water.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Independence weekend is here and you can smell the charcoal and bbq in the air.  Half of the year is over and the summer concerts have been on point in NY so far. I recently saw "Beats, Rhymes, Life" documentary on A Tribe Called Quest. The documentary was produced by the actor Michael Rappaport.

Being a huge fan of this groups music, it no doubt shaped the sonic structure of  90's Hip Hop. I have seen the group preform when there albums were first dropped and i saw them perform (rip) at last years Rock The bells  concert. Without any kind of fall-off musically and performance wise.  When they decided to stop making music together it left an unusual void in hip hop.  The movie captures the group going on the 2008 Rock The Bells tour, but it also gives a great background on the groups origins and their connection to the "Native Tongues".  After watching this film, i felt a certain disdain for the  producer of this film. Maybe it is my overall appreciation for the group, that makes me bias towards the story that was told in the movie. I felt that the movie portrayed Q-Tip and Phife always at odds with each other. There is an underlying  power struggle within the group that broke the group up. I was dismayed with the way it seemed like a ton of finger pointing and character assassination distracted the Tribe movement. I almost don't believe that it was that bad in the group, alas i was short twitteration with Jarobi that leads me to believe that there was an insurmountable struggle within the group.

The shining light is that at the end of the movie there is a caption that says A Tribe Called Quest owes one album contractually to Jive records. So hopefully when their Karma is correct they will be able to capture that magic again. Until then, I will play the shit out of their albums and go to there shows knowing that they can perform their classics and i will be a happy camper.