Friday, August 26, 2011

WWW. FLAMPRO.COM aka THE GUDWORD...Shopping Marketing

Sometimes real life trumps everything. Make sure you tell the important people that you love them. I couldn't find my mother due to a missed flight /flying stand by/ and international foolishness. But it gave me another reason to see how deep the love for my family runs..deeper than thee abyss, thats for sure. Everyone is ok and everything is cool now thankfully....

WHo is Kreyshawn and why should i care?

I had a conversation about the lack of authenticity in hip hop music today. No fingers to point at specific people just the lack of creativity. I understand imitation is a form of flattery and if you admire and artists music and style, and even in the infant stages of your musical growth. You emulate to learn; but eventually you have try to find your voice and do your own thing. It seems like we have not seen anyone hit the airwaves who doesnt fit a certain prototype. He sounds like him. My conversation was sparked by me being made aware of some white female rappers (Kreyshawn) getting a pass for saying nigga and being ignorant to the meaning of "Real Rap" really doesnt compute for me. I believe that there are some voids in hip hop especially when it comes to female artist getting respect and being accepted by the mass media. To make themselfes interesting girls have to jump out the window to earn a stripe. But this isn't just the problem with the lack of support for female hip hop artist. Its the problem with people thinking that their music is the best and unless its pure or true to what you think is good music, no one will be satisfied.

But off of my tangent and on too something new

Behind the scenes of Talib Kweli an Jean Greys video

Erick Sermon feat Rick Ross

HIP HOP CONFESSIONS W/ SKillz feat Salt n Pepa

Skillz presents: Hip-Hop Confessions ep. 9 -- Ladies First from Visually Inklined on Vimeo.

Who you calling a bitch?

Do you think this was an intentional leak or marketing by lil wayne and his camp

Have one for yourself

steve jobs


And just because im mee here is something to freak you the hell out!!

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