Friday, October 7, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Flyday Freshness...

Flyday freshness...

Man them damn Jankees went and lost to Detroit, #BOO what a fail, Money cant always by you wins. Please please please trade A-Rod. Not that i dont like him and dont think he is a great baseball player but he has not performed up to the amount of his contract. Anyway Steve Jobs passed away , since i have a few apple products i hope that this doesnt diminish the innovation, that the company has displayed with technology. I am glad Sarah Palin choose not to run, it would have been another embarssing year of the public picking her apart. Obama our fearless leader seems too be losing the faith of T.V land, but in the hood i know who will get the vote. Alright off to bigger and better things like fashion music and art......

SFU - Sneaker Fiends Unite

My Brother Dallas Penn came thorugh and spoke about  the

#occupywallstreet movement.


Plus he blessed a brother with some illy vintage Andre Aggasi NIKE air-tech-challenge

Beyonce and her people killed this video, top to bottom choreography, theme styling, treatment. very #nice


Beat Treats...Take your heart....

Take your heart by gudtyme


Fresh from fashion week Hermes collection

Camel hair flow

I guess turtlenecks are coming back

vicked from GQ

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