Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.com AKA THE GUDWORD....What in the ramgoat

Wow what a week i have had.

Just had the unfortunate passing of my uncle Henderson crush the last week that i have lived. Henderson was my favorite uncle.

He was my favorite cousins father. He and my father were running partners when they were courting the sisters that became my mother and aunt. It was a difficult blow because i was busy reminiscing about the 2 year anniversary of Roc Raida passing. So to say the least it wasnt something we as a family expected.

 He was one of the happiest men you could have ever known, not overly religious or walk with god kind of person, but a real everyday person that could get along with anyone. He was that cool father figure that i looked up too. He was a court officer so i think that kept him young and in touch with what was going on in the world. Plus he had a legal gun and i always thought that was cool like my own personal black cowboy. I remeber my cousin found a gun in the school yard of his school. Him being a good kid brought it inside the school, but the people at the school thought it was his. Luckily he didnt shoot himself or worse someone else. Too bad the school called the cops and had him arrested on a weapons possesion. My uncle Henderson didnt even get mad or beef or scold my cousin, i guess cause he knew there was no way possible that it could have been my cousins weapon. He took my cousin to breakfast at Ihop and never questioned or warn him about the trouble he was in. I guess he knew nothing he would say would have been worse than going throught the NYC criminal justice system. My uncle ran the streets with my older brother and they got in trouble together getting shot and stabbed and other things i had hoped to ask my uncle about since i am grown now, but i wont have that chance. I am so lucky to have known such a good man let alone having him as part of my family. I just felt i had to dedicate a few words to him because i will always love and miss him.

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Dallas Penn said...

Rest In Power Uncle Henderson