Monday, October 31, 2011 aka THEGUDWORD...Trick or Treat Bitches

The first cold Monday of the year. It also happens to be Halloween. There never feels like enough hours in a weekend. Those days off that I plan to do so much, but I only end up doing a little. I must say one of the primary reasons I end up vegetating is my playstation3 steals my time. Particularly I blame a war game called Socom a 3rd person shooter. Currently Socom 4 has stolen my life force. I sit and play this game relentlessly, at the same time beating myself up because I am not doing something more artistic and productive. Every young man has a bit if video gaming in him, some of us take it serious. Now I'm not sitting at home playing games and bills still need to be paid. It's not that serious, I still enjoy a full life and enjoy other types of entertainment. I'm just saying a chunk of my time I'm in the battlefields killing in 8 vs 8 or 16 vs 16.i guess this is the reason why I am retuning this new batman game lol the commercial looked great, but I cannot add another device to make me more of a couch potato. I didn't really have a chance to post much last week internets. I will close out the year with more dope content more music.


WATCH THE THRONE TOUR ATL (i saw footage that was closer to the artist i just felt this one captured the feeling of being there and enjoying the fancy light show)

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