Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WWW.FLAMPRO.com AKA THE GUDWORD.....The Don Cheadle of this Blog ish!!

Just crazy how so much time has passed by, another year is done. Even though the weather in N.Y has made November enjoyable, it was 70 yesterday. I am sure Jack Frost is plotting of a comeback. Definitly glad to see Herman Cain is slaying himself with ll of these women saying he is abuser and playboy. Never like to see a black man slandered for political gain, but i could do without him in the race confusing the image of a strong Black Man.

#THROWBACK "I Luh Huh" - Akinyele

This song caused so much controversy when it cam out, that they didnt release it. Im glad someone found it. Just like Yezee said "aint no one plan to be a parent in the hood"

My brother from another mother DJ MARKX dropped this mix for the underground.

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